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Kids Halloween Recipes: Pizza Mummies – Weelicious

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Kids Halloween Recipes: Pizza Mummies – Weelicious

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Looking for a great recipe that you can make this Halloween? Instead of carving out a pumpkin try these Pizza Mummies! They are super fun and easy to make. Your kids will love making them and will gobble them up. Pizza Mummies are delicious healthy snack that everyone in the family will love.

What did you think of this Recipe? Did your kids love them? Post a comment below and thanks for watching Weelicious!

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  1. The girl at the side was eating her muffins and the cheese it was adorable

  2. Lol Zoe took off the olives and ate the cheese

  3. Can you make a video on how to make biscuits from scratch

  4. So cute

  5. Lol yeah, it's supposed to be like a manufactured version of a crumpet. But it is much different than a traditional crumpet.

  6. Ha ha it's a crumpet basically. I don't really know what we're doing over here lol English muffins, French fries… those foods just needed a nationality.

  7. Angelo Glenn Desepeda

    Its cool

  8. Thank you!

  9. Yay thank you!!

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. Thank you!

  12. I love you videos!

  13. You know I really enjoy your videos. I love how you have the children helping you as well. It's really amazing amazing to see. Plus the music was cool.

  14. The little girl in the corner is like whatever I got cheese

  15. Mariilaprietta

    I recently discovered your page and quickly subscribed lol healthy and you can involve your kids perfect keep up the good work=)

  16. lol yes lots of cheese!

  17. Uhh lots of cheese, my mouth is getting watery

  18. shany kstewtwilightfan


  19. Lol yeah!

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