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KIDS GIANT NUTELLA COOKIE PIZZA – Cooking With Squish Kids Recipe

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Today we made a Giant Nutella & Oreo Cookie Pizza & I share my all time favourite Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe!
Ever wondered what its like being a kid in the MyCupcakeAddiction kitchen? Meet Squish – My 3 Year Old Son!

Link to the full recipe on the blog: http://bit.ly/X0thh8

Tools & Equipment:
Offset spatula
Baking tray lined with greaseproof / baking paper
Electric mixer
Wooden spoon
Sharp knife (to serve)

115g / 4oz Caster (fine) sugar
115g / 4oz Brown sugar
150g / 5oz Butter (I used salted butter but you can use unsalted and add a pinch of salt to this recipe)
315g / 11oz Plain flour, sifted
150g / 5oz Dark chocolate pieces, cut into chunks
150g / 5oz Milk chocolate chips
1tsp vanilla extract
1 xl egg
Nutella (if you have a nut allergy you can also use ganache or frosting)
Mini m&m/s
Mini Oreo cookies
Mini marshmallows

*Note: We like a LOT of chocolate in our cookies so you can reduce this to as little as 50g of each chocolate without altering the rest of the recipe.

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Xx Elise

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  1. MyCupcakeAddiction

    This week I’m cooking a GIANT COOKIE PIZZA with my 3 year old! This is what
    its like to be a kid at my house :) 

  2. Jackie Valentine

    love this soo much! definitely going to try this with my little brother and
    sisters!! love your show! keep up the amazing work!! 

  3. I'm not a youtuber

    100 Dislikes? Wheres my shotgun

  4. MyCupcakeAddiction

    Thank you ALL for the amazing support for the ‘Cooking with Squish’ episode!
    It has been awesome!
    Lots of love to you!
    Elise & Oliver

  5. Ayra Mae Mascarina

    Ohhhh he’s so cute and adorable..please do some more 

  6. Aaahh I remember when I first cracked an egg… I haven’t been allowed in
    my dad’s kitchen for 6 years

  7. OMG he is just too adorable!!!

  8. Madeline Hatter

    This is my childhood food dream.

  9. I like your channel + I like you and your Son, and I just love that
    Chocolate pizza. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas!

  10. Elizabeth Mullen

    OMG little kids with British/Australian accents are the cutest! To an

  11. FrazzleTheSyrian

    is that digger spoon from vat19? he’s soooooo cute!!!

  12. Awwh he’s soooo cute, and he can crack eggs better than me

  13. awws it is a cute baby :)

  14. Natasha The Hedgehog

    Is it wrong that I want this instead of a cake for my 14th birthday??? :)

  15. Anika Govender

    +MyCupcakeAddiction isn’t the yellow spoon from the construction eat set
    from Vat19.com

  16. Well what a wonderful loving caring family. Keep the love up ;)

  17. Caoimhe The Unknown

    Anyone notice ‘Hello and welcome WITH cooking TO squish’ ? XD soon cute!

  18. LimeGreenZebra!

    I love both of their accents! I’m stuck with this useless American accent

  19. Gulistan Alkan

    Love it by the way I am 8 yers old and my name is miray 

  20. Adrienne Renne

    Pure diabetes

  21. He says ” mom why do you smell like a alchoholic ” 

  22. How nice, Cute!

  23. Serapia Bonjour

    Do more of these videos!! 

  24. He’s so cute

  25. This is food of heaven! 

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