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Kids and Cooking – Homemade Fish Fingers

Kids and Cooking - Homemade Fish Fingers

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    I'm sure fish would be better. 😉 LOL
    Tried this with my girls (6 & 8). They loved it. Also it opens their minds to the fact that fishfingers are made of fish. Obvious you may say but watch them in front of the fish counter as they vow NEVER to eat that. 'YUK!' sorry, 'YYYYUK!' they say. Next fish in batter. Then FISH.

  2. slapdashrapper

    I'm 33 with no kids. I'm making fishfingers tonight! YEAH!

  3. Those girls are gorgeous! 😀

  4. i experienced intense joy when watching your video, thankyou for satisfying my fishy needs

  5. usually it's tilapia fish

  6. ThirdTimeChangedKBA

    What kind of fish is it?

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