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Just Eat It! #3 – Amazing Grass Drink Powder for Kids

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Today, we tried out Amazing Grass Drink Powder for kids. Watch the kids real reactions. Totally unscripted and Amazing Grass has no idea we doing this.
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  1. Shawndra Higgins (BubblyBibleGirl)

    so cute!!! Thank you so much for making this video, I love it!  This is a series?  Total subscriber right here! lol I'm such a kid when it comes to eating my veggies, so I loved getting the little ones opinion! :)  Also, I do believe the chalk taste would be better if you blended it first.  OR, maybe it could be masked by blending it with ice to make a milkshake! 😉  I shall have to do a taste test with my own kids and will have to let you know! :)  What's the best way to contact you?

  2. 0:50 the girl at the right side XD

  3. Cute kids!

  4. WOW! Do you have any single sisters or cousings that would want to marry some dumb single yankee?

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