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Julia Child’s Roasted Chicken – Roast Chicken Recipe

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  1. C.J.,
    What a heartfelt and tasteful homage to Julia Child that was. Not to
    mention a really scrumptious looking recipe and presentation!
    Ken :-)

  2. baritonebynight

    Hey Chef John, I see you are still using Julia Child’s name to get visitors
    to this recipe, even though its been pointed out that it’s NOT HER RECIPE!
    I don’t like bad information, apparently you don’t care. This chicken might
    be fine, but don’t call it what its not. Call it Jeremiah Tower’s Chicken.

  3. I misread the title as “Roasted Children” and was very concerned for a

  4. That was gorgeous. Thank you, and for paying tribute to Julia Child. 

  5. I wanna have this every dinner.

  6. Did you not fucking hear what he said!!
    Julia Child made so many different
    Recipes with that chicken! For fuck sake men! You guys are so fucking
    ignorant!!! He’s a huge fan of Julia as am I. And he’s not using her name
    for viewers asshole! Chef Jhon is an excellent cook, funny guy, and has
    teach so many people wonderful recipes. So trust me he can careless on
    wasting he’s time with some piece of shit like you! 

  7. I think we would all love to be haunted by Julia Child.

  8. I just tried this tonight. It took a little longer in the oven that you
    say, but it was delicious. I used arugula instead of cress.

  9. Made this chicken tonight… Was very good, not dry and instead of potatoes
    I used long grain rice. My husband enjoyed it. Thank you for such an easy

  10. Muhamad Yaslam Syafi


  11. Fred Flintstone

    I actually start my chickens at 450 for 20 minutes then let them go at 325
    for the duration, seems to work out better than vice versa.

  12. That looks delicious. Does anyone know where Julia Child got her accent or
    where is her accent from?

  13. that’s mouth watering.

  14. All vegetarians must die

  15. Cicropio scarpone

    Chef John you are the coolest chef on u-tube love your videos,and (as
    always thank you:)

  16. Made the recipe exactly. Chicken came out juicy and full of flavor. Did
    the recipe again a few weeks later with same results. We love it. If it
    works, why change it. Thank you Chef John. 

  17. I highly recommend purchasing her two books ‘mastering the art of French
    cooking’ my skills have improved 200%. Some ‘chefs’ say there simplistic,
    BAH, if you want to be a master, master the basics. And nobody had those
    down better than Julia. :)

  18. Only the best recipe by the best chef! I am so going to roast my chicken
    tomorrow! Thank you so much Chef John!

  19. I would LOVE to be Haunted by Julia

  20. Kelly Carpenter

    Julia and Jacques gave me the love for cooking! Great video Chef!

  21. rip julia

  22. aaaaaaaaaaaa808

    “Do not insult her memory with puny little chicken!” LOL LOL LOL best laugh
    I have for the day.

  23. What a great tribute to the pioneer of TV chefs!

  24. Delicious recipe!! thank you

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