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Italian vegetable Easter pie recipe – torta pasqualina

Today I would like to share with you a very Italian Easter recipe: the vegetable pie or “Torta Pasqualina”.
It’s very rich, with a lot of eggs, a lot of green veggies (swiss chard or spinach), a lot of ricotta and a lot of puff pastry. I really like it as it always comes out very high and extremely inviting. I followed the traditional recipe that comes from a lovely Italian region called Liguria, overlooking the northern Mediterranean sea. The pie is vegetarian, but if you like you can add an extra source of proteins adding some ham (a nice big slice of ham cut in small cubes and added to the mix at the same time with the swiss chard)
The Italian Easter Pie is a very healthy and complete meal for your kids with a lot of proteins (eggs!!), vitamin C and calcium (swiss chard) and a good quantity of carbs (puff pastry) and can be enjoyed by the whole family!!
Enjoy it!
ciao ciao

If you would like to check the ingredients’list, please have a look at

See you next Thursday with another recipe!!!
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  1. I like your giggles on this video ^^ you and your recipe look lovely .I'll try it now. thx!

  2. Antoniette Koshykar

    wonderful video, I will try this for Good Friday.  My family is from Napoli and I found you online when searching for what the pie my nonna used to make was called with the onions and a layer on top and on bottom.  It was basically a stuffed pie, sometimes it had swiss chard and sausage, sometimes it had onions and olives.

  3. She's lucky!! a personal chef at home :-)
    let me know if she likes the pie. Also, check some pasta recipes I posted. Almost all of them are fine for vegetarians!
    ciao, b

  4. Einstein Agogo

    I like how you say "Puff Pastry"
    This looks nice , my girlfriend is vegetarian , I need to make things for her ( I am the house cook )

  5. Interesting. I didn't know. do you use spinach or Swiss chard? ciao!

  6. It's a common dish in Uruguay.

  7. Hi! unfortunately I do not have a Villa Italian nearby. I've been looking online to see the image of the Greek Stromboli to see if I can cook something similar, I will try and keep you posted about the result. ciao! b

  8. Do u have a
    Villa Italian Kitchen in Ur area ?????
    Crunchy Crust, Spinach, Tomatoes & Feta
    That Crunchy Crust JUST Makes ghat Soooo Good 😉

    Can U Make ???????

  9. There was one egg with 2 yolks!!!!

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