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Isaac Makes Easy Oreo Ice Box Cake Recipe ~ Kid-Approved!

Get Recipe: http://divascancook.com/2013/08/oreo-ice-box-cake-recipe-easy-cool-whip-dessert.html
Isaac wanted to share one of his favorite recipes with you all, Oreo Ice Box Cake! It’s a special treat that we don’t make often but when we do it never lasts long in the house. I don’t know how in the world something so simple could taste this good. Crazy!

You can also make this recipe using Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. Both ways are good but I like it with Oreos better!

Have you had this dessert before? Make it and let me know what you think. I was pleasantly surprised!

FYI: I don’t recommend doing voiceover work with a 5 year-old that has just eaten this dessert. OMG it took foooorever! Way too much energy! lol It was fun though and he is so excited to post this video and read the comments.


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Music by Kevin Macleod
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  1. Awe he's too cute! I'm def gonna make this with my mini. She'll love it!

  2. All of these wonderful people and comments love u! I love u and ur son! I wish u luck in the future and u r on my best coks list lol.:) I I couldnt cook and u made me confident enough to try my very hardest and I did it! Without u, I would not be interested in cooking and I will careless about it.I am a huge fan of u and I pray for u every month!!!

    Xoxo; Jeannie

  3. Nice video

  4. Sooo cute!!!

  5. Omg nice im sure i will make this instead to the cool dip can we use icecream

  6. That was so cute!

  7. OMG he is so cute

  8. Aww such a cute kid ❤❤ i gonna try to make this !

  9. Kimmy true to this

    Iassac did great! I will be making this with my 9 yr old

  10. Aw he is sosososo cute☺️

  11. SO CUTE………….

  12. he so cute

  13. hes adorable  <3

  14. If u dont have the sauce u can get ur milk with all the cookie crumbs and poor a few on top

  15. Wow he is your twin! So adorable <3

  16. Soooooo adorable. 

  17. Sounds legit

  18. So cute!!!

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