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Iron Man 3 Birthday Cake – Movie Recipes

We show you how to make a birthday cake that tastes exactly like the movie Iron Man 3. Don’t ever make this, though, and if you do, for the love of god, don’t eat it.

What twist would you add to this recipe to make it taste even more like the movie? What movie would you like to see us create a recipe for?

New sins video tomorrow, & a music video later this week.

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  1. I lost it when you said you need an orange that merely acts like a mandarin.

  2. I'm going to use that quote forever.  "Take a shot of whiskey, call a kid a pussy".

  3. Kitty!!!!!!!!

  4. FOX GAMING Gaming Videos, Vlogs, and More

    This is funny, cos I watched this movie on my Birthday two years ago…….

  5. Eloise D (Dr Lovey Buns)

    Surround the iron man with popping candy and/or sparklers to represent how all the suits blow up 

  6. Boxertt Gaming

    Did anybody notice the cat in the first 8 seconds?

  7. Make moar pls

  8. 0:39. I get it. Too much Gweneth Paltrow. I mean she f*cking saves Iron Man at the end there, making you wonder what was the point of this film. Nothing! It isn't even about Iron Man! Just the "Man"! …. No really! It was just Tony Stark going through PTSD after The Avengers, and all the actual ACTION scenes had him either making a dumb mistake, or in absence of the suit being forced to act like a spy, or partnering up with a secondary character like Rhodes or Pepper to get things done and move the plot along! I still enjoyed it, though. :)

  9. i agree with this. in fact,i agree so much i'm gonna go watch iron man 2 because it's a better movie than this.

  10. Sam Mendes Burger

    1. Go to your local organic butcher and order about 2 kilograms of beef steak mince.
    2. Then go to your local bakery to find white bread.
    3. Before sorting out the mince, Slap all white bread onto a plate because the plot has lots of layers.
    4. Now form the mince into the shape of a human being
    5. Don't bother to cook it because Mendes prefers his characters to be raw and fully realized.
    6. Slap all condiments on the burger. Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Barbecue, Cheesburger. I prefer that because Mendes' characters have a lot of emotions and personality.
    7. Don't eat it because it's not popcorn entertainment. Take the burger with you on a journey. Take it to your aunt and uncle's house, a conference party, a mob boss, even to war.
    8. Let the burger develop it's character. Show him it's deep personality. Make it do both good and bad things and make the audience realise that there is no one-sided good and evil and that's what makes us human.
    9. Then return home and let the burger reflect on a the journey and learn from it's mistakes. Wait about 15 minutes.
    10. Then kill the burger during the character's moment because in Mendes' films, the main character always dies. The most preferable one is gunshot.
    11. Lie on the ground and cry over the loss of the burger but realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. While doing that, play the music of Thomas Newman on a ghettoblaster.
    12. Wait three more years to the exact same thing.
    13. Eat nothing

  11. O-o he ate it?!?

  12. theres an awsome cat in the bottom of the  screen at 4 seconds

  13. So… What's with the cigarette?

  14. you have a cat

  15. 0:03 kat

  16. You have a cat! Omg

  17. David Markowski

    cat tail in background

  18. ThePolishedSpartan

    Battlefield Earth lemonade

    Ingredient 1: have dog piss in a pitcher. One of the main ingredients must be very hideous to follow the film's example.
    Ingredient 2: because of the godawful dialogue, place a lot of ice. Repeatedly place it in. While ice is normally place on the glass in the end, we will follow Battlefield Earth with a disorganized plot.
    Ingredient 3: sprinkle small Scientology symbols into the pitcher for subtle reference.
    Ingredient 4: do not stir. Like the movie, there must be certain parts that confuse the consumer and have yet to be explained.
    Ingredient 5: place a dented straw to interrupt the flow of the lemonade and make it uncomfortable to drink.


  19. Osaze Mckinson

    Thumbs Up if you noticed that cat at the beginning (P.S, I know you guys haven't seen a comment like this in a while. ) :D

  20. I loved this movie and don't care who know's it. :)

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