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Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Special Recipes

Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Special Recipes

Quick and Easy to Make, Tastes super delicious. This Veg Macaroni is perfect for your kids lunch box. Elbow Pasta or Macaroni Cooked in Onion-Tomato Sauce, Indian style, a little tangy and spicy and ofcourse chatpata and masaledaar. Loaded with veggies, makes this a perfect healthy lunch for your kid.. Not only as a lunch special recipe, this is a perfect dish to make in the evenings when you wish to snack on.


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  1. CookingShooking

    Here’s for you, Indian Style Macaroni Recipe.. Perfect for kids lunch box..

    #pasta #recipe #macaroni #indian

  2. Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe .. Make it For Your Kids

    See here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q8GwxethQ0

    #recipeideas #recipe #pasta 

  3. if i would hang around on this dude’s kitchen…

    i’ll be chubby as him…heheheheh!!!

  4. Hi yaman very tasty recepi,but I wonder you use all high cost food products
    in your kitchen always be it Hudson canola oil which is I remember some rs
    250 one litre,etc,I guess you are very rich or you get some sponsors for
    your show,I guess the way you were adding stress to Hudson canola oil brand
    I guess the dealer sponsored your show,please reply and I was very eager to
    know details of your show as why somebody will spend so much voluntarily 

  5. You are good! Thank you for the recipe.

  6. kikiPash Canal

    Delicious!! and easy..! Thanks

  7. Taranjeet Babybitu

    Indian Style Macaroni Pasta Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Special Recipes:

  8. Thx yaman…i was waiting for this…

  9. Look yummy

  10. Thank u bro…!!!!I ws resally hungry….nd der ws sm mac out der in d
    kitchen….I made it!!…all d ingrediens u stated wer available….So
    simple…nd Soooo delicious manh….really…thank u..

  11. Radha Chatterjee

    Recipe is very good.you are very cute too.

  12. Juliana Tido Balisa

    Wow!!! I love pasta!!

  13. Thanks for the recipe. I used mushrooms and green peppers instead of
    veggies and put some more chili in it. Boyfriend said it was the best
    vegetarian pasta he ever ate, so .. it was a success! Love the spice

  14. And for all haters and critisizers go and get some life bitches.

  15. thx my mom does not know how to make this p.s she for banglasdies

  16. Ohk Ohk type

  17. Rajinder aulakh

    Mm good

  18. My mom makes easy and tasty from this one…n me n ma friends just love to
    eat it when she gives it in school

  19. this recipe is delicious even for adults. Loved it!

  20. ricardo mosqueda

    No offense but half the video I could not understand you

  21. Looks oo good !!
    Sorry. But if ur preparing for kids ,the amount of chillies !!
    Red chilli paste,Red chillie powder ,green chillies & Black pepper…….
    sure the lunch box will B back home !!
    Hope u don’t mind.

  22. Elizabeth Shen

    Looks delicious 

  23. Amazing recipe very well explained

  24. Love the recipe. It looked soo good and yummy! But you should put all
    ingridients at the start or in the end of the video
    because i’m not english and your accent is difficult to understand so i
    didnt get some of them. And its a shame cause you cook soo good that it
    would make your videos perfect!!!
    So please add some note with the ingridients or something cause i loved it!!


  25. macaroni, maggi or pasta mein pork fat use hota hai?? at manufacturing time
    plz tell me

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