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In The Kitchen: Pizza Dough Recipe | 2.2 Children And A Dog

A quick and easy pizza dough recipe that I use all the time…add any topping of your choice!

Hey guys, welcome to 2.2 Children And A Dog! I’m Jess, a full time stay at home mum to my two gorgeous kiddies Joshua and Sophie, oh and fur baby Milo. I’m engaged to my best friend and soul mate Ricci – we’re finally tying the knot next year in August…yay! I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, have a weakness for chocolate and baked goodies and love all things crafty!

We live in the northern part of England and we’re a normal but very crazy family who enjoy lots of quality time together and love having fun – family is everything to us!

My channel is about my children, my life, food, hauls and much much more…

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Jess x

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  1. Lucy Creighton (Sonsbrightenupmyday)

    Will be giving this a go tonight for tea…. yummy yummy! X

  2. I will definately let you know. I will be trying this weekend. I do not think that would be a problem as you can buy a "self rising" variety in the freezer section at the grocery store. I also am going to use a pastry brush and brush the edge crust with a little egg wash and olive oil once it's rolled out just before baking to give a glossy finished! I will let you know. P.s. Do you know the cup conversion of the flour? Not to sound ditzy xx

  3. Looks so delicious, will definitely be making this! X

  4. I'm so going to give this a go xx

  5. I was stuck for wednesday night dinner !!! awesome !! my friend also suggested stuffing the edge with cheese sticks as an alternative ….

  6. Julie Williams

    This looks so good , going to have to have a go xxxTFSXX

  7. Looks so good yum 

  8. Also is plain flour like All Purpose flour or another type all on its own?

  9. I definately will be trying this. Thanks a million. Would this do well to freeze?

  10. Yum..yum!

  11. Kellie Cockcroft

    I love making home made pizzas but I've never thought to do a stuffed crust before. Will definitely give it a try next time. x

  12. It's a Vlogs Life

    Oh wow can I just use normal plain flour then? I've always gone and bought strong white flour thinking that's what I had to use for making pizza dough & then I find I don't use it all up quick enough so it gets chucked out.
    I'm loving the stuff crust – I didn't realise it was so easy. Lauren has requested homemade pizza for a meal one night this week so i'll be giving it a try :) 

  13. Thanks for that, it looks yummy, xx

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