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How to Make the Best Homemade Chicken Soup from Scratch … Home Made Chicken Soup Recipe

Want to make some homemade chicken soup? Follow the steps in this easy to follow video … the whole recipe is simple and makes one big pot of delicious home made chicken soup. Just the thing for lunch, dinner, or for getting over a cold.

Best Chicken Soup

Stuff I used in the soup:

Bouillon Cube
Green Pepper

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  1. boul baltii taie ceapa ca pe lime … prostu familiei tuz mortii ma-tii de idiot

  2. Püryanə Misirxanova

    Hi! Don't you add oil and salt while preparing?

  3. Robin Williams didn't hang himself, he just wanted to spend his time inconspicuously making soup on the internet.

  4. I've made this 3 times now and there is no such thing as left overs .This soup is the best !

  5. nice vid! Ive found that you can get a better result with the chicken if you bring it to a boil then lower the temp to lowest setting and simmer for an hour to cook it slowly as possible. the meat falls off of the bone and stays moist after the final process

  6. looks nice 😀 I'm going to give it a try !

  7. what is the next ingredient then ginger half cup of………

  8. I noticed you didn't add salt which is what I really like !! I am going to try this !! 

  9. This guy sounds like robin williams

  10. moundhir eclip

    u call that soup hahaha 😛 

  11. What type of rice is to be used??

  12. Looks yummy!

  13. Check out this video on YouTube:

  14. Dabney Fountain

    Add whole sprigs of parsley (discard late) and chicken innards for an even richer soup.  Although this version is not classic, it looks good.

  15. great video thanks for the info

  16. Great vid. You should be a Canadian smooth jazz dj on late night radio.

  17. Tauhidul Islam

    Did u add salt ? I think soup had made without salt.

  18. I thought this was Chicken Soup? Not Veg Soup Santa  would Die if there was only that Little Piece of Chicken For his Family

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