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How to Make Ice Cream in 5 Minutes!!! By Meg Stone at My Jewish Home

Home made Ice cream in 5 MINUTES with only 2 small bags! This fast, simple and fun recipe is perfect not only for a dinner party that forgot the pudding–but it equally would win any school’s science fair competition since it’s a scientific wonder! Great fun for kids on a rainy day too. Try this at home, you probably won’t believe it works until you try it! It makes the best tasting ice cream ever.

Ingredients to make homemade ice creamn in 5 minutes:

2 Cups Ice
1 Cup Rock Salt
1 container Single Cream
4 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extraxt

00:13 In one large, sealable plastic bag, pour in two cups of ice and half a cup of rock salt.

00:55 In another, smaller sealable bag, pour in a container of single cream, 6 tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla extract.

01:45 Seal the smaller bag and place inside the larger, ice and salt filled bag.

01:54 Seal the larger bag and shake vigorously for 5 minutes.

02:30 After 5 minutes, open the bag and pull out the smaller bag.

03:00 Scoop out the mixture with an ice cream spoon and serve.

Alternatively, place the bag in the freezer to serve later.

Did you ever know making Ice Cream could be this easy and fast? With so few ingredients, not one kitchen appliance and without hours of freezing, stirring and patience, this quick, wonderful and fun recipe will have you eating your homemade Ice Cream in 5 Minutes!

If you want to make chocolate ice cream, simply add a couple tablespoons of cocoa powder and even some chocolate chunks if you want. You really can put in anything you want, it will still take the same time and will keep the same great taste!
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  2. I'd really enjoy to see you make some breast-milk ice cream next video? Straight from the tap of course.

  3. Love video editing

    I made ice-cream this week in school and it was the same method as u did! But some of the ingredients were different….my ice-cream turned out ok in the end but I think it can be better cause when I tasted it, it was like u can eat/taste more of the milk. I think i added to less sugar and a bit too much milk….so I am trying again at home, to see if I can make it better!

  4. this is asome I love it

  5. I tried it but accidentally the bag with milk openede and the kitchen was a mess within seconds .. Beware people this could happen to you ⚠️

  6. Alonso Hernandez

    they are good

  7. Alonso Hernandez

    I made ice cream at school with bags like you

  8. I was at my step mom's house me, my real sister and my step sisters were bored and we admit ally thought ice cream but we didn't know how to make it then later me and my real sister had to go home and a while after I got home I thought ice cream long story short found this video on YouTube made me some and taught my sister how so it works but it was a lot if pain but it was worth it so thx we enjoyed it on this hot spring break day!

  9. Nor Aisha Soleha

    I didn't notice that she wasn't wearing a bra until i read the comments

  10. That's nice and it really works


  11. That's a great video..wl b trying soon..

  12. I tried mine a diffrent way. Ontop of the ice cream bag i put another ice/salt bag ontop and to conceal the frost/coldness i wrapped a towel around it

  13. Christmas bitch

  14. why dont you wear a bra dont you know that people willl see your video why are you so means what will i say i dont want to say 

  15. Nice and messy, just how I like it

  16. It worked! Thank you very much!

  17. niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. omg

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