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How to Make Homemade Ice Cream using Plastic Bags

Learn how to make homemade ice cream using baggies (bags) Recipe:
1 cup cream (can use milk)
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (you can add whatever flavour you like)
3/4 cup rock salt (sea salt)
1 (or 2) large kitchen bag filled half way with crushed ice
1 (or 2) small sandwich bags

You can mix this recipe in one bag or split it in two depending on how many kids you’re making it for.


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  1. Your brother is so cute i am trying out it soon

  2. Your brothers voice is so funny.

  3. I added oreos it was cray cray

  4. Oh nice my teacher show me this vid so i went to find it finally i find it

  5. Paul de Backer

    Wonderful children! Great recipe !

  6. i like it

  7. May i know what cream is that

  8. lol these are so cute

  9. khadija Abdulla

    Wow that’s cool

  10. i used strawberry extract and it turned out great! but it came out a little
    froyo-ey lol

  11. Priska Tévanian

    Cutest kids ever! God bless them!
    How did you raise such eloquent kids? :)

  12. Mikayla Rhodes

    Ow they’re adorable

  13. Natalya Howard

    Ok honestly!!!I love love love this icecream. Thx for sharing….and yo
    kids are cute.

  14. farida hassieb


  15. i love this idea i will try it out 

  16. Loooooove it! Nice kids!

  17. CUTIE s

  18. You forgot a ingredient a pinch of salt

  19. Elijah Gieseke

    OMG your brother is so cute

  20. littleblondemop

    I always notice how eloquently Fireese talks in your vids. Looks like
    Hartford really looks up to her and adores his older sister. Hartford was
    throwing in some silly expressions which was funny. She was so directive
    here too, yet really sweet. This sounds yum and my youngest seems to enjoy
    cooking/doing recipes like these. I’ll have to try it. Thanks

  21. Mikayla Rhodes

    And will it work with milk?

  22. Wagner Acevedo

    Love the video both beutiful

  23. Khagendra Darjee

    Good job making ice cream

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