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How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag

How to Make Homemade Ice Cream in a Plastic Bag

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No ice cream? No problem! You probably have the ingredients at home to whip some up.

Step 1: Put ingredients in smaller bag
Put the milk and sugar in the quart-sized bag and seal it. For vanilla ice cream, add vanilla extract; for chocolate ice cream, add cocoa powder. Throw in a quarter of a cup of chocolate or butterscotch chips if you like.

Experiment with other varieties by using ½ to 1 tsp. of flavored syrups like strawberry or caramel or extracts like lemon or almond.

Step 2: Make an ice bag
Put the ice and the salt in the gallon-sized bag.

Step 3: Put small bag inside big one
Put the smaller bag inside the bigger bag and seal it.

Step 4: Shake it
Shake the larger bag vigorously for seven to 10 minutes.

Wear winter gloves while you shake; the bag is cold!

Step 5: Enjoy
Remove the small bag, which now contains ice cream. Snip a hole in the corner of the bag and squeeze it into a dish. Makes one serving.

Did You Know?
In the 1920s, immigrants arriving on Ellis Island were served vanilla ice cream as part of their “Welcome to America” meal.

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  1. it worked thank you

  2. EpicGamingandTutorials 119

    That girl was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna have to poke my eyes out!!! I'm serious!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  3. Chantell Lewis

    You are good

  4. Sandeep Sharma

    Kya h yu bwaal

  5. Sandeep Sharma

    Hattt pre ku

  6. Yuck!!

  7. Jasmine Muirragui

    Guys don't try these they taste discussing

  8. Stephen Gelinas

    U don't measure milk in freaking measuring cups stupid howcast 

  9. *we

  10. Does it work with imitation vanilla or does it have to be pure? I did this at my grandma's house and we used pure vanilla.. and I want to do this at home but were only have imitation 

  11. Trying this and its in the freezer rn

  12. Didn't taste like salt to me! Worked perfectly except I wish it was a bigger serving

  13. Caitlynn Koogle

    I made this….Yummy!But too much coco

  14. Nicole playes MC

    It was a little serving but still relay good!   

  15. I got it liquid…. I tried it again 4 around 30min more… Then too its still liquid… Pls get me help :-(

  16. Vanilla extract taste baddd!

  17. Anthony Watchorn

    It taste like vanilla extract and salt 

  18. Lezan K. Othman

    Some comments say  "I did it and it was salty"!!! Seriously?!! Did you add salt to the rest of the ingredients?!! The salt is mixed with the ice cubes so the ice melt slower. 

  19. Shandacy Grant

    Can you use regular milk that has in fat?????

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