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How To Make Easy Home made Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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  1. Dan Li-Dunford

    or vanilla flovouring

  2. Dan Li-Dunford

    would vanilla essence replace vanilla extract

  3. Yuuuum just put mine in the oven look sooo good

  4. Alyssaxx!!!!! and Ewa xx!!!!!

    they worked , thanks so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Bloody Architect

    Is it self raising flour


  6. Boboy Del Rosario

    Can I use a stand mixer for this? 

  7. aliyah villapando

    Are you asian?

  8. Nice

  9. About how many cookies doesn't this make?!?

  10. The sound is pretty bad.

  11. i made these, and they're pretty good!

  12. hi can u pls teach me  how to make a red velvet cake

  13. Hi kn u plz teach me how to make egg less cookies 4 v don't non veg .I liked ur ds recipe .

  14. Hi! I made it! Thanks for the recipe :) I hope you'll provide videos for cupcakes too :)

  15. Delious

  16. Thats amazing

  17. That was a great video

  18. Arianna Sachi Ignacio

    Im really not trying to be mean but dont you guys thi k her voice is odd o_o

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