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How to make Chicken Nuggets – Kids DIY Recipe

How to make Chicken Nuggets - Kids DIY Recipe

Making chicken nuggets is so easy!

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Ingredients: makes 24

2 large chicken breast or 6 tenderloins
1 cup dried breadcrumbs
2 eggs
1 cup plain flour
olive oil spray


~ Nicko

Measurement Conversion:


Temperature Conversion:


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  1. Omg she’s grown up so fast, soo cute

  2. SushiLover1990

    Imogen is adorable!

  3. Make
    Video for lunchbox ideas please! I know u have some but a new one perhaps

  4. I love how simple it is great video as always

  5. I remember the day you posted the video introducing us viewers to your new
    born child. Cant believe it’s been this long since then, she’s gorgeous!

  6. i started to do this for my diet. i love chicken fingers and other fry
    foods but didnt want a heart attack so i started to learn how to bake my
    food instead.

  7. jackiestar2684

    Omg your kid is do big now! I thought she was still a baby!

  8. It sad they stop.the vlogs :( cause I wanted to see there daughter grow up
    and be part of that may God bless your family your daughter is really big
    now wow

  9. Wingless Angel

    Gosh your daughter has gotten big, any plans on more family or one enough?

  10. Linda Rasmussen

    Easy to make with no mystery meat

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