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How to Make Cake Pops I Cake Boss

Sofia Valastro gives her recipe for cake pops. Follow along and make your own cake pops at home. | For more, visit http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/cake-boss

Shop the Cake Boss bakeware and decorating tools the Valastro family loves at www.cakebossbaking.com

Find more recipes from Buddy’s kids at Lil’ Cake Boss Cooks! | http://bit.ly/Lil_Cake_Boss

Play Cake Boss Games and More! | http://bit.ly/Cake_Boss_Games

For full episodes of Cake Boss, visit http://bit.ly/Cake_Boss_Full_Eps

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Poke motionial

    Her voice is annoying XD But they do look good.

  2. Stop saying BABY MY GOD

  3. why are people saying such mean things about this kid? she did great. 

  4. She looks like and even talks like her dad! :D

  5. I like how u didn’t lift it up to show how they looked because you knew it
    would look bad

  6. No offense

  7. What an interesting recipe-I never would have thought to make cake pops
    this way! This looks like a really fun project to do with my kids-perfect
    for a cold, winter day or a rainy day. Sophia did a great job with this
    demonstration. I loved her enthusiasm. Her parents clearly have done a
    great job raising her and her brothers .

  8. Brigitte Rankin


  9. Fernando Navarro

    All of your vídeos are so awesome

  10. Check out this video on YouTube:pfbcx x 

  11. I hate your voice and when you in one video saying all the time …
    But I love how you cooking

  12. Narutoprincess101

    The cake pops look good but why white chocolate?

  13. Alexandria James

    This girl’s face is childish!

  14. Hey you forgot how to wash your hands Hoboken style baby!

  15. Zainab Elachkar

    She’s so cute 

  16. Check out this video on YouTube:


  17. Akenya Bradley

    She did it so sloppy

  18. Brigitte Rankin

    By the I’m the picture’s daughter I’m 11

  19. Joshi Valdivia

    she does have talent i like how u dont have to put it in the oven

  20. sithara seneviratne

    Cake boss cake boss cake boss cake boss cake boss cake boss cake

  21. AnotherAnimeFanatic

    …”Now I’m just gonna…”

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