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Highlands Corned Beef with Egg and Garlic Rice, Silog by The Fat Kid Inside

I wouldn’t have survived college without Corned Beef and to this day, my to go, all in or nothing, breakfast, is a well prepared bowl of crisped corned beef, smashed potatoes, hardcore garlic rice and egg.

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Erwan Heussaff

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  1. The Fat Kid Inside

    who doesn’t like corned beef? Check out this new video! Perfect for the

  2. A bit untidy and messy for a so called chef.

  3. Lorenzo Paolo Garcia

    Not a good idea to watch this at 2 in the morning. Now I’m hungry. 

  4. Violette Magenta Catulong

    I never thought about that technique! I just usually continue to mix it
    until its evenly done and I dabbed a bit of cayenne pepper, brown sugar and
    a bottle cap of apple cider vinegar lol.. I have strange taste on things..

  5. Love this video! Thanks for the idea. Easy ingredients and awesome end
    result! Cant wait to try this one out. I will just have to add some
    cilantro on the tomatillo sauce 

  6. If only I could chop that fast and perfectly. ;(

  7. Where can you buy the Highlands brand corned beef? Im in CA, and I usually
    buy Libby’s or Palm at the asian supermarkets.

  8. Definitely wanna try this!! :) Thanks handsome!!! 

  9. knowme Estrada

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

  10. I will try this :)

  11. Can u be mine? I meant the food? Lol

  12. so that’s how you do it! to be honest usually the corned beef with potatoes
    ends up very watery instead of crispy… but now I know you have to boil it
    first duh! thanks chef! 

  13. HighlandSiLog

  14. Donee Vee Bordas

    Perfect for breakfast. :) 

  15. I miss pinoy corned beef and salted egg.
    Yummy goodness! Do we have highlands corned beef in sg? 

  16. Perfect breakfast! 

  17. Hash is French for chop. 

  18. cupofcoffeeandnytime

    now am hungry :( (11:22 pm ). ‘never have phil. corned beef for a long long
    time.. with this dish you uploaded i will surely stock canned corned beef
    in my pantry from now on. :) merci Chef.

  19. Cerene Timbang

    now im hungrryy. gonna try it for dinner tonight. :D

  20. Vincent Villaceran

    Erwann u are so amazin’

  21. Yummy

  22. i really like watching your vids! gives me a lot of idea, been wanting to
    be in the food business

  23. Background music is really annoying. :|

  24. Why aren’t you on the food network channel??????

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