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Healthy Recipes – How to Make Homemade Pizza – Fun Cooking for kids

Pizza Night! Welcome to The Wee Chef! Our little Wee chefs are going to help show you how you can quickly whip up some homemade healthy pizza for family pizza night. It’s not only healthy but it’s so much fun for the kids and they will be so proud of what they made!

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  1. meowmeow2345667

    one thing for me making my own dough I just grab bread and remove the crust
    and just squish it to make dough :3´╗┐

  2. Barnaby Lloyd-Wright


  3. Family first , teach them young , way to rock and roll ….!!!

  4. celestina cook

    ” yummy, yum, wow” you are so patient, kids r adorable!

  5. Your kids are so well mannered. And your daughter was a big help too. :)

  6. ur little boy was eating the dough!

  7. wow your a great mom my third is on the way this will be something fun for
    the kids to cook with me thanks!

  8. @bowhunter2439 exactly! thanks! we have so much fun doing it together too…

  9. Your a great mom!!!!

  10. Why aren’t you making more videos D:

  11. CookingwithSugarTV

    Hi honey, you have an amazingly beautiful family. God Bless you. I love the
    pizza!!! What great little chefs they are going to be. Sugar

  12. @elbacooks4u Thanks elba! guess what.. i already subscribed to you :) i
    love your channel too!

  13. @smartlioncub thank uuuuuuuuuu :)

  14. yep yep!

  15. But u are the bestest mom ever ever in the world

  16. That is a GREAT idea!!! we are going to be posting videos once a week
    starting in about 2 weeks!! so there will be a new recipe/video every
    week!! we have kind of been on a “break” but are coming up with some great
    things! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and we will do it! We have
    a great spinach lasagna recipe if you like spinach.. keep the ideas and
    requests coming!

  17. coming really soon! per your request!

  18. @CookingwithSugarTV thanks sugar! God has blessed me so much :) Glad you
    liked it .. and i LOVE your videos! Talk soon :)

  19. You seem to cooperate very well with your children. Great parenting and I
    enjoyed the video.

  20. What a great family cooking channel. I have subscribed to you and I hope
    you stop by my cooking channel and sub me back. God Bless, Elba

  21. See my videos!One is ask @ question but that is stupid next time I will
    make a cooking thing!

  22. Yanetxys Revolta

    your kids are so cute and u are so pretty and it looks like u guys really
    enjoyed the pizza that u made

  23. cute!!!

  24. thank u so much!!!

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