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Healthy Mini Pizzas Your Kids Will Love – Let’s Cook with ModernMom

Healthy Mini Pizzas Your Kids Will Love - Let's Cook with ModernMom

Need an idea for a healthy snack that your kids will actually eat? Even picky eaters will flip for these delicious mini-tortilla pizza bites!

Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese shows moms how to make quick and easy mini-pizzas with just a few ingredients: tortillas, cheese and sauce!

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  1. antonio medina

    Im making mine right now

  2. well this is untaught of .. very original . 

    felt sorry for the kid because of madcozbadcook mum .

  3. Jagdish Mistry


  4. in what way is this a healthy snack?? just because your store bought and processed tortillas are whole wheat? or because you use store bought and processed tomato sauce and top it with low fat cheese? what has been done to the cheese so it has less fat and why would you give that to your 4 year old? low fat dairy foods are known for not being valuable to your health, especially for a kid! how is this nutritious aside from the carbs and the protein in the cheese? of course a picky eater will love it with that amount of melted cheese! try to make brokkoli or coliflower or cabbage taste good for a picky eating kid, thats an accomplishment, not serving him this processed pizza variation! im shocked that this is promoted as a healthy snack for kids from a fitness expert. give your kids whatever you want to give them, but dont put it on the internet and say its healthy when its really really not. 

  5. Anna Elizabeth


  6. Anna Elizabeth


  7. So fine. 

  8. Jennifer Bergeron
  9. Butterfly Gamer

    Do you know the muffin man??

  10. Niusha Nakhjiri

    why the muffin pan?

  11. your disgraceful..

  12. These are nasty

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  14. if you just use a flat cookie sheet the cheese will spread on the sheet when it melts

  15. Shinyaquamarine

    It's funny to hear the english pronunciation of an italian surname :)

  16. Good one

  17. Love all of your video

  18. Awww the little buy is cute! c:

  19. Cool

  20. ohhh ?

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