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Healthy Cooking for Children: Pizza Ball Recipe for Kids – Weelicious

Stuffed Pizza Ball Recipe: http://bit.ly/Stuffed-Pizza-Ball Who doesn’t like pizza? Excatly. . . No One! Here is a great recipe that you can make with your kids that both of you will love. Were there any left overs? Let us know. Post your comments below.

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  1. I love watching your videos! They’re so entertaining and its adorable how
    your kids “help” out too lol 

  2. Kenia Villasana

    it was kind of weird hearing her say “Kenia” because thats my name

  3. Brooke McAloon

    He is so cute 

  4. jacksparrowismydaddy

    my kid hates pizza. but I’ll try this and see if she’ll eat it.

  5. That kid’s freaking me out with that knife! Lol

  6. William Gonzalez

    Most of my family in mexico has never heard of pizza

  7. i like my pizzas with paprica and beef

  8. Dionna Deshaies

    The kid was playing with the dough. Also that knife… 0-0 but other than
    that I like the vid. I’ll try to make it.

  9. At 1:16 why did it say da da da da da

  10. Caylin Stevenson

    That looks good

  11. sudanaaa sudanaaa@hotmail.co.uk
  12. U guys thats not a real knife I dont think she would let a little kid even
    hold a real knife

  13. Elizabeth Lingurar

    Well, aren’t we the sweetest thing? He’s so handsome.

  14. This is NOT healthy. Go vegan 

  15. Melissa Simmons

    I don’t like pizza…

  16. so good!!!!1!

  17. He’s eating the pie dough!lol

  18. that kid has the best job

  19. kids cute but a real attention stealer 

  20. MacTownBosChic87

    does he suffer from autism?

  21. Janni Ernlund Madsen
  22. I have been told, since I was a little kid, not to eat the dough… I
    always wanted to do it… so if it’s ok for a little kid, must be ok for me
    as well.

  23. Lol her son reminds me of myself I can’t help myself around cheese p.s. Did
    anyone else see him eat the raw dough oh and also is a kid-safe knife it
    can’t harm him

  24. Fedaykin Atreides

    Whe are doying a recipe similar with that in Romania for ages except whe
    use home made chese mixed with egs fresh dill and a bit of shugar for the
    filing. They are called Placinte and are traditionaly made for christmas or
    easter of other celebrations.

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