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Green Tea Cake Recipe (cooking w/my kids for my 100th video!)

Green Tea Cake Recipe (cooking w/my kids for my 100th video!)

This video was made to celebrate my 100th video!! It’s long, yes, but it’s also cause I spend some time conversing with my kids. Feel free to not watch and go straight to the written recipe which can be found below! :)

This green tea cake is soft, moist, and has a great green tea flavor! Mother’s Day is coming up and this would be a lovely cake to make for that special mom in your life. :)

Get the written recipe here:

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  1. Their mother is lovely too !

  2. Your kids are lovely. Your cake recipe is so gooOd !

  3. Watching tv :) it's me chauhan and mina

  4. payton thi is mina

  5. hey payton it mina i love your vids

  6. Do a house tour

  7. Hey Peyten it's me chauhan

  8. Glow “Kingdom hearts lover” Star AJ

    Mmmm…. I absolutely love your videos!!!! I want to try one of your recipe's one day!!!!! And congrats on your 100th video!!!! Can you try to make a red velvet cake with Cherry's if you didn't? That would be awesome!!! And your children are so cute and adorable!!! I want to see them in another one of your videos!!!

  9. That is cool

  10. but they are so adorable

  11. that looks so good.and you kids is crazy

  12. Lol!!! Your kids are adorable!

  13. ramya padmanabhan

    You have any brothers or sisters I have 2 younger sisters I am oldest in my family 

  14. I love green tea and your kids are cute

  15. Thanks for the cake decorating tips:-)

  16. your kids are adorbs!

  17. OCD in 3…2…1… and review vid for more lol

  18. Gosh your kids are lovely, and you're a great mum! My mum used to let me help her bake like this, we'd have so much fun 😀 Plus, I really want to try this recipe. Great video!

  19. Your son looks like a young Donnie Yen

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