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Fishbowl, fish tank – arts crafts handmade for kids – Funny cartoons

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Telmo and Tula children animated series to learn easy crafts and recipes to make with kids. Telmo and Tula will teach children how to develop their own Arts & Crafts skills using all kind of materials: plasticine, papier mache, clay, ink, etc. stimulate childrens creativity with Telmo and Tula cartoon videos online for free. In this cartoon video Telmo and Tula will teach us today how to make a nice aquarium, fishbowl or fishtank

http://www.motionkids-tv.com a website with extra material of Telmo and Tula: all the episodes of the show, coloring pages, recipes, crfts, games for kids… and more fun and educational resources for kids of other cartoon shows.

Children’s educational resources: videos pictures, ideas, leisure, entertainment and learning for children, cartoon Series. Telmo and Tula animation by Motion Pictures, S.A. -http://www.motionpic.com – coproduced with Disney

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  1. I love you telmo and tula

  2. Mars Leonel Cariaga

    I love cooking

  3. very good

  4. Arthur Lazurtegui


  5. งงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงง

  6. Ds is a helpful video. Now my daughter n I finally figured wat to do togethr fo today. But what is tht exactly is the brown bottle ? 

  7. Telmo and Tula, educational cartoon for kids - Little cooks recipes & crafts

    thank's!! we love you too!! :) Still enjoying with us!

  8. I loveyou

  9. and I am a girl

  10. tula is so ardorable

  11. Telmo and Tula, educational cartoon for kids - Little cooks recipes & crafts

    :) thank you so much!! Have a happy day!

  12. SethJeremiah Delacruz

    All ur videos are nic

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