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Energy drinks and caffeine not a good combo for our kids

Energy drinks and caffeine not a good combo for our kids

http://bit.ly/yHyJ1L Want to make your own home made natural energy drink? http://bit.ly/xplLOE

Today we are talking about energy drinks and children as well as caffeine content in energy drinks and how to make your very own healthy organic energy drink. Join us.

Watch this step-by-step on how to make the strongest and most powerful energy drink http://bit.ly/xplLOE

Click this link and you are one step closer to the best organic healthiest energy drink. It is full of energy from coconut water, greens and nuts. it is really all you need for a natural energy drink.

A special thank you to: Diane Tryforos for today’s recipe
Diane Tryforos, N.C., C.L.C.
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Nutrition By Design
Member NANP, WPF
The Lime & The Coconut Smoothie

A special Thank you to Cup Of Karma in Mesa Arizona for allowing us to video on location

Cup Of Karma in Mesa Arizona
1710 W. Southern Ave.#B7, Mesa, AZ 85202
Cup O’ Karma: Community Cafe for a Cause
Check out their Facebook page for weekly entertainment venues, great conversation and awesome beverages. http://www.facebook.com/CupOKarma

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  1. I drank a fucking pack 

  2. NightPlaysMC - Gaming Is The Dark To The Fullest

    I'm a kid that drink caffeine but I did not now that thank u

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  4. My left ear feels lonley..

  5. Agreed! and now Starbucks is coming out with an energy drink-yeesh!

  6. Important information Karen! Thanks for sharing this. They are doing so much marketing of energy drinks these days. I know I would not let my kid drink this stuff. We got to keep those adrenals healthy for decades to come!

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