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EASY Homemade Snow Ice Cream – NO MACHINE!

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This is such a fun thing to do with kids, and Alaina LOVES it. She asks me all the time to make snow ice cream. Plus its easy for them to help out with because its so easy. Definitely give this a try if you are in a climate that gets snow. I think you will be surprised how much it tastes like REAL ice cream.

Music By: MorganLikesMusic on youtube! Check him out!

5-6 Cups unpacked snow
1/3 cup heavy whipping cream/half & half/milk
2 heaping tbsp sugar
1 cap full vanilla
1 tbsp cocoa powder for chocolate

Thank you for watching!

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  1. EASY Homemade Snow Ice Cream – NO MACHINE!

  2. This is really interesting Carah!!
    If you have any leftover, do you put it in the freezer?

  3. Jazmine Garcia

    I can’t make this… I need snow! lol This looks fun though (:

  4. i’ve NEVER heard of this! i live in NYC so i don’t think i could do this,
    but if im ever in the country or suburbs i may try it lol

  5. Do u have to use vanilla extract bcuz I don’t have any

  6. This is the COOLEST idea! Here in Ohio we recently got 5 inches of snow so
    this would be perfect to make with my cousins. Thanks so much for the
    recipe! I love when things are handed down generation to generation like
    this. :)

  7. if you ever come to new york city you have got to go to the italian ice
    shop where i work haha over 100 flavors of ices travis would love it!! 

  8. EASY Homemade Snow Ice Cream – NO MACHINE!: http://youtu.be/RCrKsG5Jm8c

  9. Priscilla Huoy

    I didn’t know snow was editable..lol. 

  10. When I mix the snow a cream together I found that whisking it instead of
    just stirring makes it a whole lot more consistent and have less chunks of
    snow… Taste really good though :) 

  11. Donnell Blakey

    Does the snow have to be white?

  12. Tastes good. Great recipe and thank you.

  13. Such a cute idea, Carah! I’ve never heard of this before–so much fun!!

  14. snow isn’t really clean since it’s from evaporated water , it could have
    been from a dirty lake or something >< but I’m still going to try it just because it seems to taste good

  15. yellow snow is my favourit

  16. I thought I was the only one who knew about snow ice cream, my grandmother
    taught me the same recipe.

  17. Morten Engsødegård

    Eww. That’s just like drinking dirty rainwater.

  18. you guys are so lucky u get snow but we dont 

  19. Gunmetalpuppy13

    Would shaved ice have the same consistency? I’m in California and don’t get
    snow in our area..

  20. aubreypaynebrooks13

    Is snow even edible? 

  21. I live in eastern Canada, so I’ll be making this for the next 6 months. 

  22. Dan-O Tha Producer

    Makes a video titled “Homemade Snow Ice Cream” and then says “It taste like
    actual Ice cream”… -___- Nah, really?


  24. I just want to say thank you for this! I’m allergic to dairy so I
    substituted the cream for vanilla soy milk and it came out so good! And as
    someone else said, if you’re worried about the snow just crush some ice
    finely for the same texture. Thank you!

  25. Creative! I was always told that you shouldn’t eat a lot of snow (maybe
    just a quick taste) in the same way that you wouldn’t drink rain water. The
    inevitable toxins in the air is one of the reasons why but this seems cool.

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