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Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids: How to Make Spaghetti Pie – Weelicious

Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids: How to Make Spaghetti Pie - Weelicious

Easy Dinner Recipes for Kids: How to Make Spaghetti Pie – Weelicious:

Weelicious Tomato Sauce:

Sometimes when I’m trying to come up with new recipe ideas, I try to think of two foods I know my kids love and then build a dish around it. I’ve discovered that if I make meals that take the form of a muffin, cake, cookie or pie, my guys are instantly intrigued. This was the birth of Spaghetti Pie! Did your kids love this one as much as mine did? Post a comment below!

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  1. Your channel is the best! I love being in my kitchen but im a terrible cook
    so you videos are going to be a huge help.

  2. For kids? Give me that any time!

  3. its easy to make yummy yummy

  4. Jessie Pearson

    Are u sure that’s delicious, I think that’s weird, I have a spaghetti cake
    recipe but no pie

  5. Serena Danieli

    So it like lasagna without the herbs

  6. cant wait to make this 

  7. Nayla snowwhite

    I love it unfortunately parmesan cheese is very expensive in my country,10
    dollars for 100 gr,and ricotta cheese doesn’t exist at all,i wish if i can
    taste it,i will try this recipe with gruyère and mozaa,thank you so much,i
    love your channel.

  8. Let's give your hands a hand!

    All those yummy ingredients.. You made it seams sooo easy.. And you cut
    this video real quick after that first bite.. Ton enjoy it im sure! Thanks
    thats really a great idea!

  9. My kids hate getting their hands messy :)

  10. omg that looks so delishious cant wait t try it out best pie ever
    soooooooooooooo much better than apple pie

  11. I love the way you uesd your hand :)) 

  12. looks amazing, going to by ricotta cheese tomorrow and i’ll make it for

  13. Michelle Curly

    I am hungry now! lol

  14. ammaarah adams

    I will try it out 

  15. Aahna Ramachandran

    OMG!! that’s looks so yummy. but i’m a vegetarian so what kind of a topping
    can I make? any idea weelicious?

  16. For kids hell, watch out here comes daddy and an empty stomach. yeah
    baby! Love spaghetti.

  17. Briana Portillo

    I just wanted to take that right out of the screen and eat it! very
    creative and looks delicious I’m definitely going to make this :) thanks

  18. So creative 

  19. Yammmmmmmmmmmmm . This is super

  20. its easy to make yummy yummy

  21. I’m not gonna try this!!!!

  22. How long do you heat the ground turkey for

  23. Vegetarian* vegan would be without cheese meat or eggs. Yuck go vegan

  24. I do really love this!!!

  25. Yoonaaa

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