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Double Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Double Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe - Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

For an easier way to make traditional tiramisu, substitute cocoa for espresso and use cream cheese instead of the more expensive mascarpone. This unbelievably creamy and rich double chocolate tiramisu is sure to become a new family favorite.

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Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her job is to come up with the best ways to make fast, delicious food at home. But she’s also a mom to two hungry kids, so the question “What’s for dinner?” is never far from her mind — or theirs, it seems! Her days can get crazy busy (whose don’t?), so these videos are all about her favorite fast, fresh meals — and the tricks she uses to make it all SO much easier.

Double Chocolate Tiramisu Recipe – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey
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  1. Musarath Jahan

    I tried it for a competion with a bit of coffee it easy n I won

  2. i actually prefer this type of tiramisu as it doesnt use egg white that i find can be dangerous in a dessert! love this !

  3. Hm… I say tiramisu made with creamcheese isn't really tiramisu… mascarpone is a must..

  4. why cant i find the recipe any where???

  5. Deborah Toscano

    Marscapone?? Kahlua??

  6. Where is the Mascarpone?

  7. Clavicule Méditative

    Sugar, sugar and sugar on sugar.. so monotonous
    Nothing to do with a Tiramisu, this is just an oversweet and boring cake
    No subtility

  8. Mouthwatering!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. where's the coffee????!!!!

  10. momokokochuchuchu

    i thought tiramisu was made with mascarpone cheese and it was the lady fingers were like soaked in like expresso or something coffee like. Idk why i thought this, ive never made it before. is this how tiramisu is actually made? or is this like an american adaptation? like how chinese food in the US is not real chinese food at all.

  11. Check out this video on YouTube:

  12. Nathan Callidor

    This is more like a trifle, call this a tiramisu around an Italian and watch your face get smacked.

  13. Classic tiramisu uses rum…
    this lady looks like a witch, and doesnt know what she is talking about…

  14. what kind of chocolate should I use? milk, dark or what?

  15. First, I was waiting for Martha herself to give the class, then this lady showed up and I was ready to leave it. WOW, I am so glad I stayed. This Chef is a master, and has kind voice, a great teacher and I will subscribe. And by the way this recipe gave me a mental climax!!

  16. whats the different between double cream and regular cream??

  17. i shed a single tear due to the lack of coffee in this recipe. :(

  18. Tissou Johnson

    i allways make my tiramisu with speculoos and chocolate and whip cream..
    it's delicious and easy to make.. 3 eggs, 3 vanille sugar, 3 tbs sugar, mix it all together, then add mascarpone mix it very well and then add whipped cream, fold it in.. then start assembling it.. speculoos dip it in coffee or hot milk chocolate, then a layer of the mix, then drizzel some melted dark chocolate, repeat the steps.. and let it overnight.. its soooo delicious..

    But ill try this recipe one day.. it's look delicous..

  19. Yummmy perfect for this season :)

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