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DIY Healthy Ice-Cream

Hello marzipans! Since I was a child I have always done this type of ice-cream, and still to these days I love it, so here I am sharing this simple yet delicious recipe with you! :)

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  1. Pewds had his t-shirt inside out.

  2. Марина Намсараева

    Oh my god, you are soooo cuuuuteeee. I'm from Russia, and I know, in my country, I can't found love like yours and Felixes.
    (Sorry, if I do mistakes. My English is not perfect)

  3. Esila Yaren Yıldırım


  4. Rachel _is_ AWESOME

    Its nice of her to give the things she made to her bf

  5. Hes just like,
    "Ok bye, get out,Marzia…"

  6. i want to ask if the coconut is replacable with crushed oreos?

  7. Apple jeans XD

  8. i tried this with my sister and my mom and they're in the freezer but i'm pretty sure they'll turn out great. Thanks Marzia! :)

  9. Roblox DryTheCoward

    I have the same ice cream molds 😛 xD

  10. marzia, you're adorable :)

  11. How can you type the word in your video?

  12. The molds are super cute and I made these and they are sooooo good

  13. Lol

  14. where did you
    get the cute molds

  15. Gonna make this to my birthday

  16. LpsMineCraftProductions

    She was doing the bath bombs 

  17. Yummy!!!!!!!! This Works!!!!!

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