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Dairy Free, Raw Chocolate Ice cream

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Non-believers claim that dairy-free foods do not taste good. But you really have to try this out before making such an assumption. This ice cream is dairy free, refined sugar free, and tastes amazing. Your kids will never suspect that you are serving up nutrient dense ice cream.


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  1. I agree that raw ice cream is way healthier for you and can be very yummy. I make it myself. However using canned coconut milk defeats the purpose. Talk about the additives in there and the can material, whether it's tin or aluminum.  I make my own coconut milk from scratch from fresh coconuts. It takes more time, but… it's worth it! It's funny how many people rant and rave about the goodness of being raw and all that and yet one of the main ingredients they use is something that is highly processed!

  2. a Huge Bad thing ALUMINIUM 
    in canned milk 
    and In the ice cream can  :(

  3. this is not raw

  4. it looks so yummy; it almost makes me go back to my raw food diet (if i could only stand the taste of the main dish, salad, every day).
     the comments are sometimes as entertaining as the video, aren't they?

  5. You r an idiot u r looking at the recipe as if u can't even memorise that much!!!!

  6. Thai Kitchen coconut milk is not raw.

  7. Thank you for the recipe..  you can also freeze the coconut milk in a cube tray and you don't need an ice cream maker machine.. the vitamix will convert ice into snow.. 

  8. You don't need to put salt in it. It just ad the amout of salt you consume every day. I watch many ice cream making vids on youtube and you are the only one that put salt in the concoction. Dear,  it's not healthy!

  9. Coconut oil is actually high in saturated fats…

  10. I've read all these comments with the "healthy" ice cream- ice cream in general, isn't supposed to be healthy! And, not everyone can get dates, agave nectar, etc. Some people..

  11. Where did you get the container you re scooping the final product out of? I keep wondering if it came with the Cuisinart ice cream maker. I've got to try this soon.

  12. She looks sexually frustrated 

  13. would be a nice recipe.. but salt? table salt? if salt, I only use Himalayan Salt which is pink in color and full of vitamins and minerals, I would also be careful with any natural sweeteners (even honey or agave syrup can be very processed), if honey, then raw honey only, which is not usually in very liquid form.. Also I make ice cream with raw cashews and lots of frozen fruit so the end product is already frozen 😉 

  14. She didnt say she is raw for those who r talking about her dark circles

  15. Nice recipe.  Pity you speak of 'healthy' then used the processed sweetener agave.  Not good.  Could have easily added dates.

  16. Interesting video, thanks for this. But sorry, like a few others, no offence but I did notice you have rather dark eye circles and look tired too while making this video. It definitely doesn't impress someone who wants to go raw if that's what going raw can do to you! I have friends who aren't completely vegetarian, or raw vegan eaters and they do look a lot healthier than you. This is not a personal attack btw, just a v honest observation so pls don't take this wrong! That said, I have been intrigued by the raw diet and am keen to try it. But I wouldn't go all the way- I have studied nutrition and analysed many different diets; the truth is that you DO need a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of foods, sometimes raw and sometimes including meats, vegetables, fruits because that is how we are made to have them. Any diet lacking in some of these for a long term period of time will cause a serious nutritive deficiency which is ultimately not good for the body. Just my twopence worth. :) 

  17. Något för den laktosintoleranta godisgrisen?

  18. do you think there is ANY way to make that vegan ice cream without an ice cream maker?

  19. slightlystooopid420

    Nice video but it looks like you just smoked a joint before making this lol

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