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Crispy Fried Chicken – Mummy Ka Migic

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A cooking show for Mummy’s which will teach them how to make yummy food for kids. From snacks that look good, taste good and still have all the essential nutrients to quick meals that can be put into the Tiffin. This show will feature all kinds of fun food that kids and their friends will love and Mummy’s will love making!
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  1. Nassimah MANSOOR

    I love the way you cook   the way you talk  oh my god , I want also new receipy 

  2. Saad Al Bloushi

    I love your kitchen, your talk, your cook and I Love You

  3. looks to be good

  4. Rakesh Todankar

    Crispy Fried Chicken – Mummy Ka Migic: http://youtu.be/etj0WKluPc4

  5. Hi .. Can you please tell me where you get bread crums ??? which store do i get it from ??

  6. For vegetarians, if you get mock (vegetarian) chicken drumsticks, nuggets etc., you can use that. They are available at any specialty vegan stores or vegetarian supermarkets. These meats are usually made out of mushrooms and soy… Check for egg if lacto veg. 

  7. Sher Malik Khan

    pls take off ur rings while cooking.

  8. Soumyojit Mukherjee

    nice taste.. thank u..

  9. godsonlymistake

    Thank you.

  10. Could you please correct the spelling of magic. Just irritating. Very good presentation of the recipe though..

  11. thank you sooooo much…i made it and it was amazing….the best part is its so healthy that i can eat it every sunday… <3 

  12. I know what I'd like to put in her mouth

  13. Over face artificial reaction

  14. Agar bache ni kaatey to aap maidey mein mirchey waghera daal sakte hai
    mein aisa hi krti hu 

  15. u r so beautiful than chicken…. :)

  16. Delicious 

  17. can we use buttermilk instead of that liquid?? 

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