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Cornflake Chicken Nugget Kids Happy Meal Recipe – MyVirginKitchen

Cornflake Chicken Nugget Kids Happy Meal Recipe - MyVirginKitchen

Barry tries to make a healthier version of a chicken nugget happy meal from home.
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This video is something i’ve wanted to do for quite a while – I know a lot of people do it when their child has a kid stay over it’s easy to pop and grab some fast food for their child and the guest. Well in this video, I wanted to put my own take of a chicken nugget happy meal (minus the toys and packaging!) but with a healthier twist – including cornflake chicken nuggets, strawberry smoothie shake and some baked sweet potato fries. Good times, hope you give it a go and if you do let me know how you get on!




Shake – 400g strawberries, 1litre milk, 1 banana
Nuggets – bowl of crushed cornflakes,
300g chicken breasts cubed,3 eggs beaten
Fries: 3 potatoes, 3 sweet potatoes,
1.5tbsp olive oil

Season the fries / nuggets as you
wish – especially if you’re a big kid
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  1. Ok forget the kids I want this and Jager bombs haha!

  2. "just gonna baptize-em" lol!!! you are hilarious! glad I found your channel, love cornflake chicken

  3. Callum Chillcott

    Wow i never seen nothing like this before !!!!?
    I want it now!!!

  4. Raatheyan Ratnasingam

    Can you use a food processor instead of a blender

  5. lol you know he was eating playdough…. omg that part made me laugh.

  6. for milkshakes, if u like a specific flavor, u could add jam into it*

  7. Colton Hornstra

    Wait, did he just say he'd give his kids Jägerbombs?

  8. Nice!! Healty life instead of Mc…. ! 😉 

  9. Why would you encourage the children to say ' gangster ' !?

  10. "Are you eating playdough or are you eating strawberries?"  LOL

  11. I am loving this video!  Thanks for the great idea!

  12. Nice idea with the cornflakes. Ive recently started making my own chips and found microwaving them to soften then just crisp up in oven and spray with olive oil just before going in oven.

  13. Thanks a bunch yeah they're all great kids, have a laugh with them when I can! Hope you give it a try and enjoy

  14. I'll have to make this for myself and I'm an adult! I absolutely love your videos! Jack, Ben, Chloe, Phoebe are all so cute and so smart!

  15. Awesome Zara that's great to hear – *high fives your Son*

  16. LeopardPrintPanties1

    my son LOVED this!!

  17. Haha cool i'll show them this

  18. AlixandraAnarchy

    Both of them are adorable!! <3

  19. Awesome, they'll certainly smell of cornflakes before they go in the oven but once well done they're pretty darn similar!

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