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Cooking with Kids: How to Make Fish in Parchment Paper for Children – Weelicious

Parchment Paper Fish Recipe: http://bit.ly/ParchmentPaperFish The name of this recipe may sound fancy, but it’s actually my 1, 2, 3 super-easy, super-fast, no clean-up dinner. It’s extremely healthy and fun to make because you can tailor it to you or your little ones favorite tastes and flavors. What combinations did your family try? Let us know! Post your comments below.

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  1. It’s such a fun recipe and you can tailor it to your favorite tastes and
    flavors. We’re both American with a little bit of this and that mixed in :)

  2. brendan mallen

    I just love cooking with parchment paper! I’m hardly a mother but your
    channel rocks!

  3. Awesome! Did you follow the recipe using these flavors? We made it this
    weekend with fish, shrimp, tomatoes, caramelized onions, lemon and olives.
    The kids made their own and ate every bite!

  4. I noticed that to LOL!!!!

  5. Oh me, oh my!

  6. Yes, I did and I love the smell of sesame oil. Nice, I will try this next

  7. 0:02 you said suppee. lol we all make mistakes :]

  8. i love that your channel is dedicated to cooking with kids! it’s so great
    to teach them the importance of healthy meals (like this salmon recipe – i
    know so many kids that won’t go near fish!) and learn real life skills.
    good work! i made a chocolate chip cookie cake video with my friend’s
    daughter years ago and it is still one of my favorite to date. please stop
    by and check out my channel as well! ps. love your kitchen. =)

  9. Thank you! It’s so easy and clean, right?! This channel is for anyone who
    wants to cook and have fun in the kitchen!

  10. Sometimes I move so fast cooking I same some silly things!

  11. I tried this recipe last night, it was so yummy and easy. thanks!!!

  12. Amazing recipe!! Def gonna try this. :) What is your & your husband’s

  13. Awesome!

  14. What a sweet comment! Nothing makes me happier then cooking with my kids
    and it’s really paid off in them becoming great eaters. Can’t wait to check
    out your channel!

  15. Whats that stuff he’s shaking after the sesame oil goes on?

  16. Braggs Liquid Aminos. You can find it at health food stores and many
    groceries. Taste just similar to soy sauce, but much more nutritious.

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