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Chocolate Mousse – Easy To Make Chocolate Recipe – Homemade Desserts

Learn how to make Chocolate Mousse at home in just a few easy steps.

Are you a fervent chocoholic? If yes, then this chocolate mousse recipe is just perfect for you. Indulge in the goodness of velvety smooth chocolate and we bet, you can’t resist the second serving. Check out Ruchi Bharani’s take on this recipe.

200 grm Chocolate
3/4 cup Cream
8 Oreo Cookies
1 & 1/2 tsp Melted Butter
3/4 tsp Gelatin
2 tbsp Water
1 tbsp Caramel Syrup
1 cup Whipped Cream

– In a bowl put dark chocolate and cream and microwave it
– Whisk the melted chocolate and cream and let it cool
– Grind the oreo cookies into a fine powder
– Add melted butter to oreo cookie powder and mix it well
– Make a thin layer in the base of the serving glass and refrigerate it for few mins.
– Soak Gelatin in water for at least 5 mins and add it to the chocolate mixture
– Add caramel Syrup and whisk it and refrigerate it for about 10 mins
– Add whipped cream to the chocolate mix and mix it well with a spatula
– Pour the chocolate mousse onto the oreo cookie base serving glass
– Set for another 15 mins in freezer
– Garnish it with whipped cream, chocolate piece and oreo cookie on top and the dessert is ready to be served.

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  1. +Monika Shah – There’s a veggie gelatin available called Agar Agar..

  2. i have just done this exact recipe and let me tell ya it was amazing i just
    didn’t know which cream to use haha but i loved it

  3. What is geletain powder and is they other thing I can use instead of it 

  4. +Eleonor Si – Thank You for your feedback & appreciation. If you loved our
    recipe, kindly Subscribe to Rajshri Food for such awesome & amazing recipe
    updates and also Share these recipes with your Family & Friends on Facebook
    and G+!

  5. Do you have to use gelitan 

  6. +Puja Surana – There’s a veggie gelatin available called Agar Agar..

  7. when I make it s easy and then when I ate it oh my goush it tasty so good

  8. Yummy!! Looks good!


  10. Gelatin **

  11. did anyone try that ? is it good ?

  12. Aww I am muslim I cant use gelatin ._. any other options?

  13. Annette Gigi Scaria

    Try thisss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yummyyy…….i loved it :)

  15. Hezekiah Ramirez

    You can make this a mocha mousse if you use coffee (espresso is best)
    instead of water with the gelatin. And you can make that stronger if you
    melt instant coffee into a simple syrup. Or just melt it into a little
    water and don’t add extra sugar if you want it stronger if you’re a coffee
    lover like me. It’s so good. You should try it.
    By the way, I’m a bit amazed at people saying this is too complicated
    because they don’t have the appliances and/or ingredients. By that logic
    toast is hard too because you need to buy bread and have a toaster. Just
    use a whisk and melt the chocolate in a saucepan. Problem solved. It’s not
    like you need to be a chef to do it. It’s easy, I swear.

  16. Is it 3 or 4 cups of cream..or 3 quarters of a cup of cream?

  17. Wow nice can I add another chocolate biscuits? It will be tasty ?

  18. Your not brown but your Indian SLUURP

  19. TruthSeekingElf

    This is NOT easy because I don’t have all these machines and I would NEVER
    use a micro wave!

  20. it’s so funny the way she says “powder”. powdah, powdah, powdah 

  21. could you add alcohol to this? and if so, what / how much?

  22. Sunaina Panchal

    Hi Ruchi. What an easy nd quick recipe. Just one question – can I use
    cornstarch to thicken the chocolate? Thank much 

  23. Anushka Agarwal

    Which cream and whipping cream should be used? Can u tell me which brand?

  24. Savage_Tree_Turtle

    Looks good

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