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Chocolate Icecream recipe by chef Shaheen

How To Make Chocolate Ice Cream At Home
We love ice creams in summer specially children. They want to eat ice cream daily. We buy them from the shops, this time try out my ice cream recipe and hope you’ll love it and make it again & again for your children.


1 Milk……………………..1/2 lit.
2 Sugar Powder………..10 table sp.
3 Coco powder………….1 table sp.
4 Drinking chocolate…..1 table sp.
5 Custard powder………1 table sp.
6 Corn flour powder……1 table sp.
7 G.M.S powder……….1 table sp.
8 L.C. nate powder……1/8 tea sp.

1) Boil milk, take a steel bowl for preparing ice cream.

2) Always measure the ingredients with measuring spoon.

3) Divide milk into two protion take half the milk coolit add all the ingredients beat well till sugar & gms powder dessolves. Mix for 2-3 min add this mixture to earlier boiled milk and keep on strring for 2-3 min. Flame should be slow to medium.

4)Again beat it for 3-4 min cool it and pour it in an air tight container with a polythene bag below the lid. So that ice will not from this is the base of ice cream. It should be freezed for 14 hours.

5 ) Net day open the container remove the ice if there, take 1 cup of fresh cream, 1/2 cup of choco chips and chocolate essence few drops.

6) Start beating the ice creamwith electric beater till it softens, add cream & beat add essence. You’ll see the amount doubles in size and the texture becomes smooth.

7) Put ice cream mixture in two container. The container should not be very high the ice cream will not set evenly. Put choco chips and again keep it for setting. It will take 8-10 hours.

8) Serve with some more choco chips.

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  1. Hello maam I have ice cream maker so !y question from which step I follow to get going with ice cream maker….. Guide me plz

  2. Mam my ice cream measurement is 1 litre milk , 1 cup suger, 1/2 Ts cmc powder, 1/4 cup corn flover, 1/4 cup gms flaks,2 ts coco powder, &
    2 ts drinking chocolate powder
    But mere ice cream bahar ke ice cream jaisa soft nahi hota thodasa wo ghee jaisa lagta hai plz give me suggetion 

  3. Dear shafika how are you? Gms is a emulsifier which gives thickness and smooth texture to ice cream and lgnate is used for thickness, measurement should be accurate for getting the right results ,Follow the tips

    Thanks for watching!

  4. what is this GMS powder and Lgnte powder

  5. Shalu thanks for the appreciation soon there will be more recipes.

  6. Thank you so much Anita for such a sweet comment

  7. Awesome icecream Plz teach more tea time snacks and chicken masala and curry.Thanks.God bless you Shaheenji.I made paneer b masala and was a big hit at my party.Thanks a million.

  8. Ice cream luks as sweet as u

  9. hi friends enjoy the recipe of delicious chocolate icecream

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