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Chocolate Covered Pretzels -Sunday Treats -Easy Quick Recipes for Kids

Another episode of Sunday Treats this week I show you how to make Chocolate Covered Pretzels.
Every week on Sunday I share easy, quick, fun and delicious recipes for kids, you can invite friends and family to help you make this delicious treats and together you can have tons of fun.

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  1. Umairah Syafiqah Suhaimi


  2. Muhammad Sayutinur

    ups sorry…i'm wrong

  3. Muhammad Sayutinur

    you is arogan

  4. I love your show

  5. Taliyah Johnson


  6. they look really yum! I am so going to try these chocolate covred pretzels(:

  7. I bet you lick your fingers in every pretzel ( that's what I will do)

  8. Can you do summer treats

  9. Black people would dip the whole pretzel in

  10. Rose Ntumba Panumudipo

    I like it

  11. Where do you get the chocolates ?

  12. Halloween All ready Past silly

  13. how are you guys

  14. Hay you ate that in my face .jest  kidding :)

  15. Love you girly love your friend Aubrey Vidal 7 years old

  16. Is it messy

  17. yummy

  18. I like this

  19. misskalimommy23

    Where do u get the chocolate from?

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