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Chocolate Brownie Recipe kids food fight how to cook that ann reardon

School holiday fun making chocolate brownies erupts into the best food fight ever. Funny kids cooking video. Chocolate brownie easy recipe. Easy recipe for kids. Yummy chocolate brownie recipe
printable recipe: http://www.howtocookthat.net/public_html/kids-cooking-easy-chocolate-brownie-recipe-fun-video/

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  1. Valentina Della Gatta

    Two things go through my head:
    1) that's awesome, I wish I had a food fight at least once
    2) I'm glad I'm not the one doing the clean up… LOL

  2. xX Hyper Girl Xx

    Auw I wish I had a food fight with my brother when i was little. 

  3. Musarath Jahan

    Soo messy
    Did u clean all

  4. Avatar The Last Airbender cake?

  5. Kissamangastar


  6. cowgirlhowdy26

    Lol wish I had at least one food fight when I was a child haha looks so fun

  7. Mental Note to Self: Don't let my kids in the future, if I ever have any, play with baking ingredients. +Daisy-Rebelle Baggins cf

  8. Why do you let your kids waste food! :(

  9. MarielaAndCarolina Sifuentes

    Plz keep making giant cakes or chocolates

  10. Millie Vanderwoude


  11. this video is great.

  12. please let me know what pan size you used ,Thanks

  13. i think you are such a good mother.. your kids always look happy n innocent! :) 

  14. melanieplays stuff

    Thats funny I want to do that

  15. rebekah watson

    I tried this recipe and can't stop making it and it's simple ingredients too and just perfect for a little treat! Love your channel xo

  16. Whats the song

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