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Chinese Steamed Eggs With Pork: Kid Cooks Grandma’s Authentic Recipe

This is an authentic Chinese village recipe that my mom makes. My niece learns how to cook this popular dish made with duck eggs. It’s delicious and always goes well with steamed rice. This dish is a favourite in southern China, in areas like Hoiping and Toisan. Enjoy!
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  1. Your mom is such a gem. She cooks so lovingly and patiently. Wish her a
    belated Happy Mother’s Day from me. Your neice is cute too.

  2. Nice observation. I was wondering if anyone would notice the background.
    Thanks for checking out my video on Chinese Steamed Eggs.

  3. Yes, it’s a very simple recipe. Thanks for checking out mmy video.

  4. Thank you for viewing my video on Chinese Steamed eggs With Pork. Your
    support is greatly appreciated.

  5. Thanks for your kind wishes. Your support is greatly appreciated for my

  6. VivisMagicWand

    Your welcome. Thanks for the smiles. Wishing you and yours many, many more
    fun times.

  7. Just eggs, pork and water? Thanks for sending my this. Doe jei :)

  8. Thanks for your compliments and your Mother’s Day wish for my mom. Thanks
    for checking out this video.

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