Ingredients: makes 2 sandwiches

1 cup cooked chicken breast meat
1/4 cup chopped coriander
1 red chili, seeds removed
1/2 cup low fat whole egg mayonnaise
salt & pepper to season
4 slices wholemeal bread


~ Nicko

Music from Nicko’s Kitchen is from http://www.incompetech.com
Used with permission

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  1. Nhung BuiTuyet


  2. i love this bro thx so much

  3. That looks like Capsicum Nicko… must be one mofo of a Chilli

  4. candyapplegirl

    Really nice recipe! Love it :)

  5. TurquoiseWaffle

    my mom made this for a party and everyone liked it and her friend was like
    THIS IS SO NICE HOW DID U MADE THIS? she was like “uhh nickosBABYFOOD?
    :s…” and her friend was like ” oh…” LOL

  6. can i use white bread?

  7. Heu,dont think we re talking same way. I like chili chicken sandwich …
    depends who makes them, if that makes more sence ^^

  8. immy tried this yet? 😛

  9. I bet every time your kids eat School lunch they are missing their fathers
    cooking. Your cooking has love. School lunch has no love. You win 😀

  10. @seandewar5 No, you dont get it. The recipe looks good … but not he
    prepares is. Therefor, different taste excuse dont count. This is an
    unskilled guy. I can make you EXACTLY the same, but it will look TOTALLY
    different. Now its a fact 99% of humans beings just dont got any taste. You
    would give them a piece of crap inbetween old shoe soles, and they will
    still like it …

  11. Do you have any more baby food recipes?

  12. Looks delicious

  13. MonsterHighLuver4Eva

    You know bread is really bad for you, especially whole wheat

  14. Lizielivex4lovee

    looks yummy

  15. minicliplayer2

    im gonna make it looks good

  16. this is the channel i watch because ive no skills…

  17. i am 11 and i love chicken

  18. itsageoffrushthing

    @evilwarcow Kids bring their own lunches to school here in Australia.

  19. Mary the Vixen

    whole weat is so much healthier than white bread.

  20. @seandewar5 Its a bit the all ^^ I gues this wont taste good according how
    he made it. Now the look of it .. .well, its sandwich stuffin … looks
    normal lol 😀

  21. please don’t scream..

  22. Professornobrain

    @evilwarcow Well actually I don’t believe Immy is going to school yet

  23. Yummmmo i really want to try this, maybe even try capsicum instead of
    chili…would sweet chilis work with it?

  24. dude im 22 and i want to make this for my self 😛 who said it was only for

  25. 3rd! ha! great to see that the chennel is back!

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