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Chicken Strips : Kids Recipe

Learn how to make chicken strips : kids recipe
Rebecca Brand shows how to make classic chicken tenders, also known as chicken strips, chicken fingers, with a basic bread coating over an egg dip for a moist and crunchy tender chicken strip. Kids love this classic and Rebecca shows how to make these chicken strips quickly with the most basic and classic of recipes. Chicken tenders from chicken breast are easy with just flour, eggs, milk, and bread crumbs. Rebecca shows how to make home made bread crumbs from scratch so your home made chicken strip recipes is made completely from scratch. These strips are deep fried quickly for a crunchy outer crust with very little oil absorbed. Rebecca shows how to make chicken strips with the easier and most classic of techniques. The recipe for honey mustard sauce finishes this dish for a great satisfying finish to this classic chicken tender recipe.


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  1. Thx I’m making this today

  2. It might be the software or mic your using but there is a little robotic
    tone. Anyways great recipe

  3. love your pets

    You are a fantastic cook

  4. I love your videos!!!❤️❤️

  5. You are too good I love your recipes and pls share as much as you can the
    recipes for children’s 

  6. Perfect. Kids will love it !! Going to try it today. Thanks for the recipe.

  7. easy and very tasty recipe… 

  8. Jeff Evangelista

    I love the chopping board..

  9. Daniel Hagerty

    Can you make a spaghetti sauce and perhaps meatballs 

  10. She talks funny lol

  11. How long does this recipe take?

  12. Andrew Catarino

    Thank you so much you help me cook in college, keep making more videos!

  13. Christina Batte

    Excuse me um are you on crack?

  14. love it <3

  15. Professional cooks can understand how to make this after seeing videos

  16. can i use maseca flower?

  17. Kind of a wide blender. I think I’d have a hard time with a standard

  18. Why so happy?

  19. Daniel Hagerty

    What temperature should the oil be ?

  20. Irvin E.Malagon

    good recepi and yes my fingers did look like that when i was preparing the
    chicken…awsome thanks

  21. patricia davidson

    Too much oil

  22. This is great for my birthday this june 25 2014

  23. When are you coming back ? ;( 

  24. I love your videos!!! I always have all the ingredients! Non like most
    cooking videos! 

  25. Ha. This has to a very sly comedy video.

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