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1 cup whole egg mayo
2 large chicken breasts
2 cups fresh breadcrumbs


~ Nicko
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  1. Carsten Ebbesen (Tbb123dk)

    lol i got a tip on this channel theres only 3 diferend songs Step 1. Mute the video Step 2. Put on some awesome music Step 3. Stop Reading comments

  2. Kenzie McJoyce

    @ashlee452 actually, if you can tell, Nicko wasn't there. He doesn't wear nail Polish does he! It's really obvious that it is his wife. Duh

  3. She looked cute.

  4. how is that cooking

  5. No dipping sauce?

  6. I love your channel! I know it's for little kids, but I think it looks really good anyways

  7. cute kid… n love d good food tht arrives….

  8. I love the music…so kid friendly

  9. How many times are you gonna make CHICKEN NUGGETS! Lol

  10. I love the feel of this video, so sweet, like little Imagen. Beautiful, Immy and video!

  11. I make mine like this. Awesome recipe and immy is just gorgeous so cute. I love cooking with you jessy YAY!!!

  12. LOL.. Nicko when did you start weary fingernail polish and such girlie looking hands.. Great video….

  13. Why mayo and not a egg???

  14. It look yummy…but heating mayo and eaging it can get u problames in ur xtomach….espicialy for kids…

  15. well done Jessie :) i presume it was you unless Nicko has started to wear nail varnish lol xxx


  17. What does he mean by turn on ice?

  18. not with chips? 😀

  19. Nail polish isn't good when cooking. I learnt that at school

  20. I personally like that you're showing your family. Your channel, do whatever the heck you want with it. My gran used to make chicken like this. Perfect. 😉

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