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Chicken Biryani Recipe

There are many videos and recipes of chicken biryani on you tube, so you ask why another one. Well this one is very simple and uses very little spices. This chicken biryani is very popular in Delhi and Lucknow and does not use red chili pepper and turmeric. Try this simple recipe and you and your kids will love it. Enjoy – as always all recipes can be downloaded free from shebasrecipes.com. Enjoy

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  1. When i made biryani for firat time i I made this 1 and my family loved it so I'm making it for the second time wish me luck
    P.s i m 13 yrs old

  2. World class…..

  3. Muhammad Zubair


  4. Herri Kurniawan


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  5. colur  in rice is not good stupid style of  cooking Lucknow biryani

  6.  malay nasi berani is a junk, try the berani from other not only it taste great it smell great too,also unlike malay berani. Btw "berani" means daring in malay. so nasi berani means "rice daring". don't you think this genetically stupid people naming scheme sound stupid?

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    Nice Video! Check out my channel for healthy cooking recipes if you get a moment! Thank You

  9. sheba khala aap doctor k jaisa samjare zara pyar se sam jaye
    zara cooking ko enjoy kareye phir dekhiye kya tasty biryani banti

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  11. How to Prepare Chicken Dum Biryani: http://youtu.be/OOhXuG41Yk8

  12. Why did you use half milk/half water and food coloring? Its the Masala from the chicken that makes the color on the rice

  13. Well this is just rice and chicken…. cook rice mix it wid chicken ..easiest way…….. biryani is lot more than this……. … 

  14. can you add potatoes (fried)

  15. U can speak better English if u practice u r a bit confused well m younger than u 

  16. Taiyeba Sjaak in the building

    Very tasty ! My Favorite! So yummy! My mum makes biryani on your way ! Thanks to public this online!

  17. Chicken Biryani Recipe: http://youtu.be/PHoFQKcUK78

  18. zachary mwaniki

    just tried the recipe, must say my family loved it.

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