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Cheesy Pizza Bites | After School Snacks | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

Cheesy Pizza Bites | After School Snacks | Full-Time Kid | PBS Parents

Searching for a quick and easy after school snack idea? Look no further! Make these cheesy and delicious pizza bites with Mya, The Full-Time Kid!

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Meet Mya! She’s a full-time kid and proud of it. Her job is sharing fun educational tricks, cute crafts, songs and surprises that kids and parents will enjoy. Learn more about Mya at: www.fulltimekid.com.

Executive Producer: Danielle Steinberg

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  1. yarbear and stacialious

    thank you  i am going to make that i love pizza

  2. I like those things on my pizza to

  3. GoldenSlash89 X

    She dosnt like it she said delichis in a regaler voice 

  4. Mikaela Chanhpheng

    Just wanted to say in live in Hawaii too no joke I live in Honolulu lol 

  5. Your silly with that mustas

  6. Think Superior

    but nice recipe

  7. Think Superior

    pineapple and ham not a nice combination sorrry 

  8. Hey ! My name is Maya too kind of same love ur vids

  9. Richie McQueen Ill

    Ddear for thi kid with Maya can you make a booty movie about baking making butts

  10. HowToDoItIguana

    ham is disgusting its PIG which rolls in its own poo and n matter how much you clean it its always going to have that percent of germs on it! ew

  11. we made the icecream :)

  12. Maria Magdalena

    Ur so cute

  13. It looks so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  14. Thanks for shere recipe,,,,,

  15. That looks like cupquakes house!

  16. Her home look like ihascupquake

  17. hey its geralee

    You are so cute

  18. It sounded very crunchy, I wonder if adding butter or oil to the bread before cooking would make it softer. Nice video though

  19. so cute!!!

  20. Her house looks just like ihascupquakes!!!

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