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Bread Pizza

Here is instant solution for lunch or snack. It is so simple and easy and kids are delighted to have this bread pizza. You can add any topping to it and ready in minutes. Variation are endless with this recipe. Share this delightful and delicious recipe with your friends/family. Best for serving a crowd/surprise guests or cocktail party. Whatever the reason is, it is perfect lunch idea. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please subscribe for more delicious recipes. Have fun and happy Eating!
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  1. Андрій Годій

    what a perfect recipe. Thank you 

  2. SANAM'S Kitchen

    Thank you!

  3. Pooja Madhumatke

    Nice recipe…

  4. wow

  5. yummy……..



  7. lol cute kid….thank u

  8. I do this except I toast the brad slightly before to prevent sogginess and I use ragu or bolognese sauce for the tomato base. Also for an authentic Italian taste add basil :)

  9. guess i know whats for dinner

  10. Very good I can now make pizza at home thank u 

  11. yummyyyyyyyyy

  12. mouth-watering recipe…..:)

  13. woodjunie Jean_pierre

    I hate onions but I used dc something eles

  14. Timan.. suka bak tenamper ulo aniek yen

  15. i don't really like pizza but i don think u should jus put tomato ketchup
    add a little tomato pursy as well it will taste better

  16. jerome lavanancia

    i have to try this.. im hungry already.. :)

  17. Thats a Really Good one! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video. :-)  

  18. nice!! thanks for this video :) i have been wanted to bake one.. will try it this weekend

  19. tats a cute kid..hehe.. btw, bread pizza is a good idea…

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