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Bloody Shirley Temple Recipe – Halloween Drink Recipes

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Good Witch Kiera and Silent Goblin Katie make a Bloody Shirley Temple Recipe for Halloween in this episode of “Chef Tips.” This easy Halloween drink recipe is perfect for kids, and uses just three ingredients. You’ll need Grenadine, Sprite, some ice cubes and a few oral syringes (available free from the pharmacy). The bloody syringe can be placed in each glass prior to serving, and guests can inject their own “blood” into the drinks. It’s an easy Halloween recipe that you can make for your next Halloween party. Enjoy!!!

Music: “Evening of Chaos” by Kevin MacLeod at http://www.Incompetech.com


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    Sooo making this on Sat.

  3. It was! Plus with the heat from the lights.

  4. Diana DeLaFuente

    I love this!!! Your girls are so cute!!

  5. looool this is great

  6. Wow she is so pretty!

  7. Ha ha! Thanks!

  8. Angela Margolin

    Did u add cherries to it

  9. The daughter on the right has a msk that looks like Hoggle from Labyrinth.
    good video.

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  12. Made me laugh

  13. Yes, we did. But you don’t have to. :)

  14. you’re one cool dad!! oooooh i mean grandpa! lol

  15. It must have been really sweaty under that mask, chef D:

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    Ahhhhh u scared me

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