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Black Forest Eggless Cake | Easy 3 step recipe

Amongst the most popular birthday cakes in India, this cake is favorite amongst kids. This cake looks incredibly gorgeous and isn’t half as difficult to make at home. On your kid’s birthday this year, be a star mom and make this cake at home. Believe us, this will be way better than store bought cake.

3-Step text recipe: https://www.milkmaid.in/videos/cakes-and-bakes-recipes/black-forest-cake

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  1. what is maida

  2. This recipe is cool, need less amout of ingredients, easy steps but the only problem is it is too small.

  3. The cake tasted delicious.
    I would like to suggest that there should be more cocoa powder in the recipe and a liitle sugar too.

  4. Should the butter be unsalted or regular salted butter can be used???

  5. @Sandeep Kaur When we buy tinned cherries there is a syrup which is basically sugar syrup so this is used. And u can grease the tin with oil or butter and dust with flour

  6. jatin kumar Parekh

    Please give me a sujeshion because I want to make plane wennila cake this same recipes

  7. jatin kumar Parekh

    If I don't want to mix coco powder n jast add maida is fine

  8. Smitha Aravind

    Made this today and came out well. Thank you so much☺
    Do you know why the cake becomes thick when refrigerated? 

  9. question plz… what type of soda water to use? is it a sweet kind or smthing like sprite or 7up…plz help me..i cant fing any soda water near me!

  10. Hi
    Instead of soda, what else can I use?

  11. maida?? can it be regular flour?

  12. Baheerathan Vykundanathan

    The cream is not whipped enough. It needs to be light.

  13. Najimudeen Aliyar

    Please Upload rainbow jelly's receipe


    A really good recipe.Will it work if we don't add soda?????

  15. I tried this recipe and the cake was very good. But I was not able to whip the cream properly becoz of which it became a simple cake only. I have checked the You tube videos to whip the cream and tried everything but the cream just doesnt gets softened up becoz of which I am not able to try some other recipes of urs also. Can u please give some important suggestions on how to whip the cream.

  16. harshpreet Kaur

    I have made it just now for my dad!!!!!!!!!
    It really works!!!! thanx, for such an amazing recipe!
    My mom and dad both loved it!!
    Thanks Ones Again  

  17. can i replace cream with something?
    may i know the reason for using soda?
    please reply

  18. wow this recipe really workss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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