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Best Cake Dessert Recipe – Cupcake Poppers

Print and save the recipe for Cupcake Poppers at http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/cupcake-poppers-recipe/1/
Cake is a simple and easy dessert recipe, and cupcakes are always a favorite. Try this easy recipe for mini cupcake sandwiches. They are like whoopie pies, but easier because they start with Betty Crocker cake mix. Add food color to make them bright, colorful and fun. Afterall, dessert is fun food.
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  1. They look like macaroons

  2. gunjan paryani ajwani

    You can make mason jar cupcakes with the bottom half 

  3. Brianna Monster

    how do you make the batter

  4. As far as I'm concerned there is still an un iced surface, the top. Lol. They are beautiful. 

  5. Moroccancooking

    your editing is very pretty ggood

  6. i cannot understand it properly

  7. they r also called macaroons

  8. That looks really good

  9. I made them today !

  10. The Magical Izzicorn

    No they aren't they look like it but they arent macaroons.

  11. Pretty pattie

  12. Those r called macoroons

  13. Stacy - Chan (Stacy-Chan)

    … I'm gonna make this for myself, ya know college life is hard :/ so I can't wait to eat this! Ugh looks so good can't wait.

  14. this is bull – aren't these whoopee pies – but just more time consuming and waste?

  15. it's like very easy macarons

  16. Cool!

  17. Kristine Duong

    Why do they look like macaroons

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