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Beef Stroganoff Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 831

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  1. Usually i use red wine & cream, and add some sliced bellpepper in the end. But i'm going to try this recipe really soon. Thank you laura :)

  2. We in our family use rice I haven't tried Noodles.

  3. Hello Laura that's lovely but next time try adding some French mustard.

  4. Hello, Laura.  I love your recipe, and very good presentation.  One time I had friends coming over in a few hours and I was rolling out the egg noodle dough.  I realized that I only had ground beef, so I cut the mushrooms and onions into smaller bits to make the mixture more homogeneous (and cooked the mixture normally).  I rolled out circles of egg noodle to become dumpling wrappers, added the mixture, and sealed them with a little beaten egg on the edges.  I boiled them to cook the egg noodle "skin" and the dipping sauce was simply sour cream.  They were a hit, and worked out just right since I was in a pinch and wanted to use what I had!

  5. I just tried your recipe and it came out great. Last time I had stroganoff was ten years ago while visiting in Russia, and it does compare. Ever since, I've been wanting to make this myself. This was my first attempt ever and I forgot to use the sour cream; and it still was great! I also had to use veggie broth, since I didn't have beef broth.

  6. Some flavors that I like to add to beef stroganoff would be a little bit of minced garlic.  I also like to use a little bit of dijon mustard for a little zing, and instead of sour cream I like to use cream cheese.  It just seems to add more of that sour taste.  Outside of that, we have pretty much the same recipe.  Love watching you on YouTube.  Hope you keep the recipe's coming.

  7. i love laura but she chews food so loud

  8. What can you substitute the wine for?

  9. 1 minute for the beef really? 

  10. Worsteshesher-she-sher-sher sauce.. lol

  11. Í make this a lot and it's delicious, my mom taught me how. I use Spring (green) onions it really gives it a wonderful flavor but of course any kind of onion is just delicous. Thanks for the vid Laura!

  12. This is similar to how I make my beef stroganoff but I add tomato paste and we eat it with fettuccine noodles (my husband's request) 

  13. sandiegobound10

    I can't wait to try this out!! I have had Swedish meatballs but that is the closest to stroganoff I have ever had. When I was younger my grandpa (He was a cook in the military and then a chef later on in his life) would always make hot buttered egg noodles with lots of pepper and a little salt and then he would get a can of kipper snacks (I know sounds gross lol) and he would pan fry the cooked noodles with the cut up pieces of kipper snack in butter and it was like a religious experience I swear lol I know it's probably not for everyone but if you are feeling brave and bored one day you should try it out, it takes about 10 minutes with the noodles cooked. Great video again Laura, just love your cooking and your vlogs. <3

  14. I love Laura, but sometimes she talks too much…

  15. thanks again for sharing your recipe Laura on a delicious classic !! I love to watch you.. you are a wonderful cook and instructor and a true joy to watch.. keep up the good work !! I love your new show "Simply Laura " too, it comes on early Saturday morning so I set my tv to record it (just in case I am not up that early !). Always tell my friends abt. your You Tube station & your new show because you are such a joy to watch and so helpful. I will buy your cook books if and when you h early


  17. I love your recipes! I've made many for my family and WE LOVE THEM! I do have a question. Why do you only cook the meat for a minute? A lot of other people make this dish, and require that you cook the meat on low heat for about an hour. Why? Is there a significant difference?

  18. doing this today !! thank you sweet Laura 

  19. I made this tonight for my family! Its sooooo yummy! Thank you for a delicious meal!

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