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Beef Jerky Recipe

http://www.survivalnewsonline.com/index.php/2012/12/simple-jerky-recipe/ — SnoMan demonstrates his very simple jerky recipe, which works great with beef, lamb, venison, or goat. WARNING: This recipe violates every food safety regulation known to man, and poses a serious health hazard. Do not attempt. Never consume raw or undercooked meat products. Keep away from children, adults, and pets. Handle with HAZMAT gear and follow toxic waste disposal protocols.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Why wouldn’t pork be good to dehydrate after marinating?

  2. A person would almost think he doesn’t care about big swollen government.
    Good heavens, what will Hillary think?

  3. Use a spoon.. I laughed so hard:D

  4. Gabriel Martinez Ezeta

    Don’t get me wrong, but why do you make it if it’s deadly and poisonous?

    BTW forgive my terrible english, I’m Mexican

  5. richard alvarez

    Meat is MURDER!!!! Tasty, tasty murder!

  6. Justin Aguilar

    Lmao, sarcasm love it

  7. Michael FallenTree Watts

    I’m just getting into making jerky. This was my first ever video for jerky
    I’ve ever seen and just the name drew my attention. Great watch! Going wild
    hog hunting this weekend so wish me luck.

  8. Hahaha! If the meat is very fresh and from a good source, it can make an
    awesome tartare. Yay for raw meat! But yay for jerky as well hehe

  9. I like beef jerky

  10. omd now I want jerk and I want it now

  11. Michael Edwards

    If I am lost (and might get buttrape) can I get salt from nature somehow
    and use just salt? Like if there is an ocean I could evaporate the water
    and have the salt remaining to use for this. 

  12. Hey does anybody know if this guy is still alive? I want to try this if he

  13. Good video but you CAN use pork and chicken! I personally have made jerky
    out of pork, chicken, elk, venison, lamb, beef, buffalo, rabbit, and soon
    squirrel. Get a good meat grinder and you can do whatever you want! My
    jerky never sticks around long however, out of 2lbs its life expectancy is
    around 3 to 4 days.

  14. I tried to do this with a spoon like you suggested…i ended up with ground
    beef so i made hamburgers…

  15. Steve Sulkowski

    Great vid

  16. Small tip. If your meat is partially frozen you can slice it easier and

  17. Take an old fridge. Gut out insulation, put racks back in, put hotplate in
    bottom, place fry pan with smoke chips in it, and away you go. Those old
    fridges make great smokers. Ive built a few. Oh ya, drill hole in top to
    allow smoke to escape.

  18. So do use pork and chicken??

  19. PS I use my smoker to dehydrate mine, and at times when IM lazy I just use
    an inside dehydrator that Ive had for 25 years or so…never used the oven
    though like U did..

  20. TherealDufiwon

    “It will kill you.” Lol

  21. Wandering Beast

    Bob Costas is calling for a ban of this dangerous video 😉

  22. Should my spoon be extremely blunt?

  23. OK SNOdude,, looked good, as I am a MEAT eater! I found it interesting that
    you used a dry rub over an all night soak in marinade. I’ve never tried it
    the way you showed here. May have to give that a shot man. This video
    cracked me up as well as being informative,, use a spoon, great advice, got
    it, check…

  24. MURDERER!!!! Literally millions of youtubers are now dead because of your
    insidious jerkey recipe!

  25. can’t tell if serious, or just sarcastic 0-0

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