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“Baking Kids Love” Milk Chocolate Toffee Bars Recipe: Sur La Table & MomTV Giveaway!

MomTV brings you an exclusive look at the new children’s baking recipe book, from Sur La Table, written by Cindy Mushet

Baking Kids Love by Sur La Table and Cindy Mushet

Whether youre decorating the perfect birthday cake or rolling out crust for tasty homemade pizza, our newest cookbook, Baking Kids Love, gives you great ways to connect with kids and create memories to last a lifetime.

We teamed with Cindy Mushet, author of our award-winning The Art & Soul of Baking, and her daughter Bella to bring the magic of baking alive with 30 amazing recipes designed especially for 8- to 12-year-olds.

Young chefs take an active role in the preparation of cookies, pies, tarts, fruit desserts, quick bread, cakes, yeast breads and more. Full of practical advice, Baking Kids Love is spiral bound for easy reading when cooking, recipes are step-by-step numbered, and the book is printed on sturdy paper that is easily cleaned after inevitable accidents occur.

Check out http://www.momtv.com or go to our special giveaway for this new book launch at http://community.momtv.com/_Awesome-Giveaway-from-Sur-La-Table-Cindy-Mushet-and-daughter-Bella/blog/1437275/101589.html (giveaway from 10/26-11/8/2009)
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