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Baked chicken strips with onion dip recipe – Super Bowl for kids

Super Bowl Sunday is coming….it’s a huge sport event here and a great occasion to see friends and family together. Even if you are not into football it’s fun! personally I really enjoy the commercials during the break :-) All major brands compete to create the best one.
What to cook for a Super Bowl party if you have kids? here you are an healthy and yummy recipe: roasted chicken strips with a sweet onion dip.
A secret tip: I marinated overnight the chicken strips in milk to make them very tender…they will not dry out in the oven!!
We really liked the dip (it’s good on sandwiches and with raw veggies too!!): as I used mayo, I would suggest it for older kids and adults. The chicken strips, instead, are good for toddlers too.
Enjoy and have a fun Super Bowl party!
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  1. #BuonaPappa…Is there any way I can use something else instead of breadcrumbs and panko??

  2. Gilbert Beilschmidt

    I'm going to make this next week when I have time! 😀

  3. next week there will be one! ciao, b

  4. Marwath Naushad

    Waiting for infants recipes. .pl plz plZ…

  5. thanks!!! b

  6. So glad I found you channel!!

  7. Cristiano Nunes

    Very tasty sauce

  8. Thanks!!

  9. CharlisCraftyKitchen

    Great channel!

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